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Capture Life - Divulge your Imagination with One Touch Shopping Experience

Royal Cyber Capture Life, the first of its kind Mobile Commerce platform that revolutionizes the retail shopping experience of your customer. With advanced Digital watermarking & Augmented Reality features enabled within Capture Life, any buyer can view your digital catalog just by scanning the printed catalog pages.

App Features

  1. Augmented Reality
    • Virtual placement and adjustment of the product using in-app viewfinder
    • Increase brand engagement
    • Unleash your real imagination
  2. Catalog Scanner
    • One touch shopping experience
    • Gain access to extended content
    • Bridging the gap between showroom and online purchase
  3. Product Scanner
    • Save your shopping time using handheld QR code scanner technology
    • Cutting-edge experience on interactive product catalogs
    • Using loyalty points & scanning your coupons when shopping through catalogs from a wide range of products
  4. Credit Card Scanning
    • Increase transaction accomplishment rates by more than 10%
    • Scan & swipe your card for speedy checkout
    • Greater Interactivity with seamless mobile payments
  5. Virtual Reality
    • Rendering real sized images for the person.
    • Corresponds with the change in their field of vision
    • Execute with excellence in real stores
  6. 3D Modelling
    • Real time visualization in your real environment, in real size
    • Save time by ensuring design issues are rectified
    • Identify any issues ahead of time by using 3D modeling
  7. Voice Search
    • Voice search for adding products
    • Hands-free assistant to add product list
    • Increases the speed of shopping
  8. iBeacon Technology Integration
    • New revolution in retail industry
    • Providing the shoppers an interactive way to connect
    • Manage your promotions and campaigns while interacting with mobile users in proximity areas
  9. Indoor Navigation
    • Improved brand visibility by sharing offers and event promotions
    • Guide customer’s according to their shopping list
    • Support customers in finding specific items
  10. Smartwatch Integration
    • Order and track the status
    • Triggering ads for customers in context of their activities
    • Less miss-able alerts

Administrative Features

  • Manageable Product Inventory Information with Images
  • Real-time product sales analytics
  • Customizable aisle bay floor maps
  • Organize a special product campaign, coupon, and offer
  • Employees are free from the manual scanning process and can focus on customer service

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We take compatibility, extremely serious - that is why the Royal Cyber Mobile application has been designed to work with all eCommerce platforms.