Demystifying AIOps -How we helped reduce noise by 99% using ServiceNow Event Management


To meet the increasing business and technology demands, IT operations teams need to become intelligent, working hand in hand with IT operations staff to identify infrastructure and service issues, drive service quality improvement, and accelerate remediation.

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), is about implementing machine learning and analytics to IT operations functions. The sudden shift to work remote caused by the global pandemic has triggered a new operating model for IT Ops. The new model needs the teams to adjust with remote collaboration and accelerates incident detection/resolution. AIOps has emerged as a life saver to facilitate this with AI/ML.

Discussion Topics:

How to move from RULES based operations to ML based intelligent automation
How to reduce noise by up to 99%
To embark on the reactive to proactive to predictive journey for IT operations
Enable IT Ops to work intelligently by gaining visibility across hybrid cloud infrastructure
Improve the efficiency of IT Ops command center by 30% and reduce MTTR by 40%
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