Removing the Silos in IT with ServiceNow


Enterprises are in pressure to provide fast and seamless digital experiences, but IT Operations teams do not have the visibility as to how application experiences affect the business. Service outages are not only confusing but also pricey for organizations, but how to eliminate service outages?

In this webinar, our ServiceNow experts will show you how to avoid this nightmare by leveraging the ServiceNow. We will demonstrate how you can extend your ITSM to identify service issues and pinpoint disruptions proactively. We will also show how ServiceNow enriches its services so that IT can identify issues impacting end-user experiences.

Discussion Topics:

Outage Impacts
Current Scenario of Disconnected Teams & Services
Combination of ITSM & ITOM to Build Proactive Solutions
ITSM, Service Discovery & Mapping, Orchestrator & Event Management
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