Build Custom Workflows Using ServiceNow Process Mining

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What is Process Mining

Process mining is a technique for obtaining actionable insights to enhance operational processes by extracting knowledge from enterprise information systems. It is a data-driven strategy that blends process analytics and data science to assist firms in finding, observing, and improving actual processes rather than presumptive ones. It can be used to spot patterns and trends, automate workflows, and to get a better view of how well existing processes are working.

Given the number of time organizations are spending on digital transformation, it can be simple to lose sight of the ultimate goal. Digital transformation's primary goal is to enhance the experience of both customers/staff as well as digital workflows. The tale revolves heavily around automation. Businesses are automating manual, repeatable operations in order to produce better process flows. This enables the achievement of corporate objectives even more quickly while freeing up staff to carry out more imaginative duties. Both clients and staff benefit highly from it.

The Challenge of Differentiating

Business process management has long wrestled with issues where procedures are not always as clear-cut as they are presented to be. Instead of examining the current "as is" processes, they frequently concentrate more on improvements or "to be" processes. It is challenging to make efforts toward improvement and optimization because of the lack of knowledge regarding how the processes are currently performing, the issues affecting them, and variations in the processes across the organization. It is also challenging to make the case that the proposed improvements are worth the investment.

The manner in which the process analysis was conducted is what has led to this discrepancy between understanding "as is" processes and an organization's understanding of the processes. Current process analysis frequently relies on subjective interviews and notes that don't accurately reflect the processes as they operate today. The separation between business processes and enterprise information systems makes the situation worse, and even when enterprise systems are process-oriented, they still do not give full visibility into how well the processes are working, as well as any problems or bottlenecks. Process management in these situations is a challenging job that necessitates a lot of manual work in data collection and synthesis for process optimization.

ServiceNow Process Mining: The Solution

ServiceNow Process Mining fills in this gap by introducing an automated, data-driven method for comprehending processes. In order to provide in-depth insight into the actual activities taking place in the company as opposed to merely speculating about what might be taking place, it mines event log data for trends and patterns. Process Mining ServiceNow platform can be used by organizations to extract information from enterprise transaction systems and generate event logs that document work completed, such as the receipt of orders, the delivery of goods, payments received, customer interactions, and similar tasks. When used in conjunction with process mining, process analytics and artificial intelligence can offer precise and granular insights that are helpful for developing KPIs and identifying the core causes of problems.

Benefits of ServiceNow Process Mining

By enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of processes throughout your whole organization, you can accelerate digital transformation by mining the data from the ServiceNow process optimization to gain insights into how your business operates. Process mining ServiceNow can be viewed as the response to the query, "Why are my business processes not functioning as they should, and how can I improve them?"

Techniques of Process Mining ServiceNow

The primary process mining or process optimization ServiceNow methods consist of

Business executives are taking notice of process mining's revolutionary ability to enhance operational procedures. Even so, Gartner has identified the leading providers for process mining that assists enterprises in modernizing and improving their operational processes. Process mining also integrates effectively with other technologies like RPA, Hyperautomation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Process Analytics, and others.

Build Custom Workflows Using ServiceNow Process Mining


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