Gain Improved Service Delivery Capabilities through ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence

Written by Afsa Ashraf

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ServiceNow has forever been on the cutting edge of innovation. ServiceNow incorporated machine learning capabilities to the platform in the form of Predictive Intelligence in order to better understand how artificial intelligence and its subsets can transform various business areas.

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in applications such as ITSM, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, & Event Management to improve service delivery efficiencies.

Predictive Intelligence in IT Operations

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence & its Benefits

Machine learning solutions are used by ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence, formerly known as Agent Intelligence. It includes an artificial intelligence layer that predicts and recommends related records based on user input. Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, employs statistical skills that enable the ServiceNow platform to learn from massive amounts of enterprise data.

ServiceNow can automate routine tasks, categorize, route, and assign work based on user input using Predictive Intelligence.

The solutions are developed by analyzing thousands of historical records and basing them on newly developed solutions. Predictive Intelligence increases accuracy while decreasing resolution.

Enhance business Efficiency

ServiceNow predictive intelligence gives businesses the ability to train predictive models with machine learning solutions that are tailored to their specific business goals. This method provides businesses with reliable information, allowing them to exceed expectations and increase customer satisfaction as well as customer experience.

Prevents Human Error

According to ServiceNow studies, "45 percent of IT service desk respondents have more than 100 distinct assignment groups to choose from, and almost a quarter have a choice between more than 300 groups." Error is human, and manual processes take time. Predictive intelligence automates service desk processes with greater precision and in less time while also providing insights based on the data it collects.

Visualizations are simple and insightful

Predictive Intelligence provides better insights into various IT processes and performance with interactive and insightful reports, dashboards, and SLAs, all with easy-to-understand visuals that make it easy to make the right strategic decision.

Routing and categorization are automated

Based on previous data, it automatically categorizes and routes work. Handling large volumes of incoming requests while keeping costs low.

Frameworks for Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence necessitates the use of three major frameworks.

  • Framework for Predictive Intelligence Classification: The Predictive Intelligence Classification Framework uses supervised learning to set a field value all through record creation, such as setting an incident category based on a short description. It automatically categorizes and routes work based on previous records by training the models. The classification framework requires a minimum of ten thousand records.
  • Framework for Predictive Intelligence Similarity: The Predictive Intelligence Similarity Framework offers a vocabulary for comparing the new incident record to the previous record. It does this by employing a "word corpus." The word corpus is a collection of words and text that Predictive Intelligence uses to learn similarities in order to assist the agent in finding similar records.
  • Framework for Predictive Intelligence Clustering: By addressing them collectively, the Predictive Intelligence Clustering Framework groups similar records into clusters. This aids in the detection and discovery of major incidents in comparison to historical performance.


With its extensive capabilities, ServiceNow is a highly sought-after multifunctional platform for businesses all over the world. It lets users automate everyday actions and complete complicated projects with ease – across teams, silos, and systems – by offering end-to-end visibility into corporate operations. Because it's simple to set up, the features convert into commercial benefits almost immediately, and it scales to meet changing business needs.

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence has been meticulously crafted to match the demands of modern digital enterprises. ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence is poised to bridge information silos, accelerate business process efficiency, drive innovation, enhance productivity, and boost overall organizational performance with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and automation capabilities that deliver intelligence for everyday work and better experiences.

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