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According to a McKinsey Global Survey dated 2020, 30% of companies have fully automated at least one digital business process, while another 35% are piloting automation of at least one digital business process. Although automation has helped to streamline digital transformation to some extent, it does not provide visibility into processes to aid in process optimization. What's required is a hyperautomation platform that includes:

Although Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is useful for corrective tasks, it lacks a central nervous system. As a result, we're witnessing the rise of hyperautomation.


Hyperautomation is a broader concept than pure automation.

You wouldn't use a saw to cut a nail, and you shouldn't use automation for every task. To use automation effectively, you must first comprehend workflows spanning people, business processes, and technology. You can hammer the nail instead of chopping it off if you map those pieces to the same workflow in the same journey and choose the proper tool for the job.

Organizations should rethink the nature of business processes in order to achieve true proactive business agility. Without integration and automation, a digital workflow isn't a complete workflow. In order to identify processes in any workflow, intelligence must be applied. You can't accomplish it until you can see the links between systems.

Prioritizing People

Within the enterprise, there is no good substitute for critical thinking, and critical thinking is done by humans. By itself, automation aids in the removal of remedial and minor jobs, allowing knowledge workers to focus on critical thinking. Hyperautomation enables humans to unleash their true creativity, allowing them to be true innovators by inventing incredible new workflows, various technologies and employee experiences. It also allows for critical thinking when it comes to examining process optimizations in business bottlenecks. Artificial intelligence (AI) in documents and content helps customers, partners, and employees have better experiences & automation tools. All of this necessitates the application of critical thinking skills.

Instead of performing the remedial automation and then bringing in the knowledge worker to complete you will be actually stating if it's job automation, process digitization, or business analysis. All of this combines the critical thinking of humans with intelligence capabilities.

How to Begin with Hyperautomation

If you're new to hyperautomation, it's crucial to understand that it's more than just automation and that it necessitates the use of numerous technologies. You'll need a hyperautomation platform with a central nervous system, like the ServiceNow Platform. It serves as a focal point for everything going on in the company.

The capacity to transfer people, systems and processes across the company is at the heart of hyperautomation. Our workflow and process automation engine will enable you to automate processes throughout your organization. You can optimize throughout the organization and establish standardized experiences using our intelligence layer. ServiceNow platform makes use of a variety of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine-Learning, etc to quickly expand automation capabilities to any IT or business function that can be automated.

ServiceNow and Hyperautomation

Many technologies are already supported by ServiceNow's platform. The platform's innate AI features and no-code low-code development capacity have been upgraded in the newest Quebec release to boost innovation and productivity. Intellibot ServiceNow can now offer native RPA capabilities to its customers, as well as support for pure-play RPA vendors, thanks to its acquisition of an RPA startup. ServiceNow is well poised to be used as a hyperautomation platform.


There will be a greater emphasis on establishing guardrails for decentralized projects at the end of 2022 and beyond, allowing IT to supervise work without becoming bottlenecks. IT compliance can be enforced without having IT oversee every stage of the process by implementing clearly defined guardrails and automating them where possible. IT is still involved, but with a softer hand to assist in achieving exceptional results and empowering teams. With central approval, forecasting, measurement, and, most importantly, funding, projects, and departments will be more agile. This decentralization will result in confidence and agility.

Companies will use hyperautomation tools and digitization to bring 'concept to market'-as-a-service in a much simpler way. While the transition away from centralized and toward integrated, road-mapped work will take the majority of 2022, the voyage there will be full of discoveries in automation, efficiency, and agility. ServiceNow's hyperautomation features enable businesses to scale and innovate quickly. It also enables companies to get greater value out of their ServiceNow investments.

ServiceNow Automation technology also decreases process-related errors, eliminates repetitive processes, provides consistent workflows, and lowers resource costs, in addition to increasing customer experience and operational efficiencies.

How Royal Cyber Can Assist

Royal Cyber can assist you in deploying and integrating ServiceNow Hyperautomation into your workplace. We are a professional services firm that offers customized solutions based on the needs of the client. If you want to learn more about the ServiceNow Hyperautomation or are looking for a partner who can help you get the most out of it, please contact us at [email protected] or visit

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