Consolidate IT and Cloud Management with ServiceNow Cloud Insights

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What is ServiceNow Cloud Insights Application

The ServiceNow Cloud Insights application, which is available in the ServiceNow Store, assists you in analyzing the full range of costs associated with cloud assets so that you can identify and act on opportunities to save money and optimize operations. Mobile devices do not support the Cloud Insights application. Cloud Insights is a service-based analytics platform that provides visibility into your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Troubleshoot, monitor, and optimize your infrastructure's resources consumption.

Users can use Cloud Insights to create custom dashboards to monitor and trend any aspect of their infrastructures, such as CPU, memory, storage network utilization, IOPS, capacity utilization, and more. Cloud Insights can also provide visibility into the interconnectivity of your infrastructure's components by providing topology views of any component.

Manage cloud resources to save costs and reduce risk. Gain total cloud consumption visibility across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS—all in one place. ServiceNow Cloud Insight is used for the optimization of the overall analysis of our cloud usage, which includes its cost, speed, and resource utilization, and also helps us to reduce the manual process. Moreover, it helps to gain visibility of its usage in PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS.

Features of ServiceNow Cloud Insights Include

  • Cloud Spend Analytics - It exhibits the usage and overall expenditure for the cloud-based on the last 30 days' records. ServiceNow Cloud Insight forecast the amount on the current month value through the account utilization and spent optimization.
  • Unassigned Resources - ServiceNow Cloud Insight keeps track of unassigned resources based on the policies they fall into and categorizes them to the current usage status and the tags they have.
  • Rightsizing - One of the recommendations provided by ServiceNow Cloud Insight is, rightsizing unused data considering their confidence level, which consists of their latest usage and the organization's policy. Enables the high cost saving with minimum risk.
  • Business Hours - It enables the categorization of the resources that need not be run outside of business hours and automates the process based on the scheduled hours.

The version of ServiceNow cloud insights is released in the name of major cities eg: the San Diego release, which is a unique way of naming the latest release therefore, you can choose your release version. There are different types of deployment that consist of public, private, hybrid, and community cloud. Based on the service provided there are different service models which include PaaS, Iaas, and SaaS. ServiceNow cloud insights provide a complete analysis of data usage, expenditure report, and resource allocation of employees, the organization as well as individual access. The forecast reports enable us to monitor the facility to make the corresponding changes which can be beneficial for us, our organization.

The Advantages of Cloud Insights

  • IT and cloud management get consolidated - Workflow the activities that control cloud costs with system-driven cost-cutting suggestions.
  • Reduce your cloud costs - Gain complete visibility into your total public cloud spend and take preventative measures to avoid cloud waste.
  • Automate and simplify - Reduce manual processes by automating cloud tasks from provisioning to closure.
  • Dashboard for Cloud Spending - Track hybrid cloud spending, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, in one place, and reduce cloud costs.
  • Analytics on cloud spending - Automatically generate cloud spend, trend, and forecast reports and adjust to improve spending.
  • Resource appropriation - Monitor and analyze resource provisioning and usage levels and reduce waste by adjusting size.
  • Hours of operation - Identify, report, and modify resources that are running when they should be turned off.

Added perks

  • Unallocated resources - Identify and appropriately assign resources to maintain cloud governance throughout the lifecycle.
  • Analysis of unused machines - Analyze usage data to identify and shut down or terminate resources that aren't being used.
  • Ownership of insights - Assign a dedicated owner to each service account, who will be able to define jobs and policies as well as view data.
  • Cost tag classifications - Tags in your environment should be normalized in order to classify cloud resources and simplify cloud cost reporting.
  • Bring your own driver's license (BYOL) - Reduce the risk of software license compliance and lower costs across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Plans for reservations - Get advice and recommendations on how to reduce costs and maximize the use of reserved instances.
  • Budgeting for the cloud - Monitor and create flexible budgets, as well as forecast cloud spending accurately.

How Royal Cyber Can Assist

Royal Cyber can help you kick start your journey with ServiceNow Cloud Insights. ServiceNow Cloud Insights application enables you to reduce costs by rightsizing your cloud infrastructure and saving money. ServiceNow Cloud Insights application allows the user to analyze, identify and optimize the full range of cloud assets and gives a single place to view and manage them. Watch this webinar and get an opportunity to learn and earn by saving cost and time so that you focus on your core competency. For more info, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or visit

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