ServiceNow Development: Modernize and Automate IT

Written by Arun Nair

Technical Lead ServiceNow at Royal Cyber

ServiceNow is a platform designed based on ITIL guidelines. The platform uses machine learning to leverage data and build workflows that enable an enterprise to become faster and scalable. It offers the flexibility and power to automate employee’s tasks and optimize business workflows. The developers also get full-stack development power with a turnkey application structure. The platform provides the necessary reports to diagnose and repair issues while removing the dependency on spreadsheets and emails.

Royal Cyber, a ServiceNow Specialist partner, provides development services that help an enterprise customize the platform, maximum the value, reduce costs, automate and optimize processes, and deliver expected business outcomes. Our ServiceNow resources, equipped with years of experience, seamlessly integrate legacy systems, SaaS applications, and other internal and external data sources to the ServiceNow platform using RESTful and SOAP APIs. Whether you're looking for ServiceNow application development, implementation, consultation, or integration, we've got you covered.

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Royal Cyber has the experience and industry expertise to analyze your business processes and assist in custom ServiceNow development, support, integration, and more. We help businesses build long-term strategies and provide IT solutions that meet their needs. You can hire a ServiceNow developer from Royal Cyber for the following services:

ServiceNow Consulting: Our certified ServiceNow consultants can analyze your business processes and offer customized solutions to solve your business challenges.

ServiceNow Implementation: Our ServiceNow resources help an enterprise successfully implement the core ServiceNow platform to deliver desired outcomes. We can improve your existing IT service management capability by expanding the platform's usage and power.

ServiceNow Support and Administration: We provide support and administration service on your current platform development, integration, or configuration. Our experts offer these services for all ServiceNow applications such as ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, GRC, ITAM, and more.

ServiceNow Custom Application Development: Our ITIL-certified resources can build custom applications to extend the core functionality of the ServiceNow platform. Some of our custom ServiceNow developments include CMS platform, chatbots, dashboard customizations, and more.

ServiceNow Integration: Hire a ServiceNow developer from Royal Cyber and integrate various third-party services with your ServiceNow solution. Our integration services can help you improve the performance and scalability of the application.

ServiceNow Customization: We help you customize and configure the ServiceNow applications based on your business requirements. You can customize groups, preferences, assignment rules, and more with the help of our experts. Some of our customization services include UL scripts, UI action, custom client scripts, ACLs, and more.

ServiceNow IT Automation: We help businesses create a single system record of its cost, projects, resources, and more.

ServiceNow Architecture: We merge disparate sources into a centralized IT architecture to enhance the ITSM infrastructure's functionality and optimize internal IT processes.

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Key Modules We Focus on for ServiceNow Development

At Royal Cyber, we focus on various ServiceNow modules to help you meet your business need. Our in-house team of certified ServiceNow developers provides best-in-class solutions for the following modules:

  • IT Service Management

  • IT Business Management

  • IT Operations Management

  • Software Asset Management

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Security Operations

ServiceNow Development: Modernize and Automate IT

Our ServiceNow Development Process

To address your business challenges and functionality gaps, we have defined a process that we follow for all the ServiceNow application development needs:

Business Analysis

Before customizing the ServiceNow platform, we analyze the existing solution and review the functionality changes you may need. We can also customize the apps in a manner that can resolve your problems most efficiently.

Change Implementation

  • Configuration: We can configure settings to enable you to perform system changes that do not require coding. For example, we can configure outbound emails so that you can send them from the ServiceNow instance to end users automatically without any manual intervention.
  • Customizations: We can code and customize the system to perform in the manner that you need. Our certified developers can add custom form fields or set up a ServiceNow-PostgreSQL integration by coding in the ServiceNow platform.
  • Personalization: We can code and customize the system to perform in the manner that you need. Our certified developers can add custom form fields or set up a ServiceNow-PostgreSQL integration by coding in the ServiceNow platform.
  • Custom ServiceNow Apps Development: Our certified developers can either develop custom ServiceNow apps for internal use or can help you publish an app on the ServiceNow Store.
  • Data Migration: Suppose you want to perform some ServiceNow platform changes that will require data migration from a third-party source. In that case, we can run the data cleaning process and complete the migration services.

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assurance services to all our clients as soon as the project begins. Our services ensure that your ServiceNow platform delivers a seamless user experience, demonstrates high performance, and supports the functionality that will fulfill your business needs. Our specialists test your ServiceNow platform's functionality, integrations, performance, security, usability, and data quality.

Change Management

If you want to add new changes to an already functioning solution, we can help you do so with change management procedures. We can help you build, design, and review change implementation plans and backup activities for emergency use. A built-in strategy in advance will help you ensure that the system’s changes don’t cause serious performance issues.

User Training

After implementing the changes in the ServiceNow platform, we also impart training to the end-users. Training increase the adoption rate of the newly implemented ServiceNow solution. We also provide knowledge articles, face-to-face sessions, podcasts, and videos to help you and your team understand the system's changes.

Production Launch and After-launch Support

As soon as you design, develop, and test the changes, we roll them out into production. We roll out the release maintenance in parallel with the changes. Our ServiceNow developers can provide solution support for 1-3 months after the production launch to discover and fix issues that may arise after the rollout.

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