Build a Consistent Roadmap to Achieve ServiceNow Success

This blog gives comprehensive insights into how ServiceNow roadmap can help you and your customers achieve success.

Nowadays, most organizations lose focus on where they are heading in the competitive world, where the speed of change seems to increase and where the force to respond faster to business requirements becomes ever more demanding. Without ServiceNow, organizations struggle to keep up with the demand, face difficulties setting expectations with key stakeholders and have development teams that are not appropriately staffed to meet demand.

According to Forrester ITBM, customers have achieved significant results, which includes less than six‑month payback period and productivity improvements of $10.8M over three years. Forrester had conducted a commissioned study on behalf of ServiceNow, to find out how ITBM can:

  • Help organizations do more with their money

  • Improve resource utilization and allocation

  • Increase productivity by 20% and reduce any project delays

  • Accelerate time to market by 23%

Since your initial ServiceNow platform deployment you must have started to ask yourself questions like: Where should I go afterward with my ServiceNow implementation? What priorities should I set? If so then it might be time to define a proper ServiceNow platform roadmap that will act as a steering outline for the desired evolution.

But how to go about it?

Are you thinking about designing your services so that consistent customer standards are met every time? Agile methodology plus a consistent service design process are essential for meeting your ServiceNow demand and keeping your customers happy. How important is this ServiceNow Roadmap?

ServiceNow Roadmap

Items to put on your ServiceNow roadmap:
  • Mature existing applications: for a QuickStart that you want to take to the next level.
  • Introduce new functionality: new applications, new integrations or perhaps building your own custom applications.

Royal Cyber & ServiceNow

Royal Cyber keeps these important steps to take the ServiceNow roadmap to the next level:

  • Understand the As-Is Situation

  • Set Goals, Prioritize, and Strategize

  • Set Objectives, Analyze, and Prioritize

  • Define Roadmap

The payoff of getting this right is your customer success! Royal Cyber has organized a free webinar for organizations struggling to keep up with ServiceNow.

About this Webinar

Learn how to Automate Your Service Desk with ServiceNow that delivers on measurable business objectives. Join us for a free webinar and see how our ServiceNow experts help you start off on the right talk - from quick wins to proving ServiceNow's ROI.

In this webinar, we will be discussing trends we see from our clients, different use cases to set yourself ready for success on a long-term, plus tips on how to communicate the business value of ServiceNow. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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