Automated Migration to AWS with Terraform and Ansible

How about migrating your entire infrastructure with automation in less than a day?

Migrating On-Premise AEM to AWS with Terraform & Ansible

Businesses in every industry and sector are in a constant state of evolution – and the success and reputation depends upon a reliable, scalable infrastructure. With our superior understanding of migrating data and content to the cloud, we can skillfully help clients with their mission-critical migration. We deploy automated scripts to migrate AEM located on premise to a premier AWS environment using automation tools.The stakes are high for organizations that attempt manual implementation; loss of productivity skyrockets and the bottom line plummets. (Based on the infrastructure requirement: Dev, QA, UAT/Stage, Model, Prod and disaster)

Why choose automated migration by Royal Cyber?

Other Benefits of Automating:

  • Immense value creation for stakeholders

  • Gain a meaningful competitive advantage

  • Enhance the customer experience

  • Well positioned for further innovation

  • Better deployment of resources

  • Greater data security

Why Migration?

Data is the cornerstone of successful cloud application deployments. Your planning and evaluation process may highlight the physical limitations in-built to migrating data from on-premises to cloud. Delivering a secure, fast, and seamless experience is important in today’s digital marketing environment.

Using AEM with AWS provides a powerful platform that delivers immersive and engaging digital experiences. It is a sustainable solution for marketers and content providers who want to execute an outstanding experience for end users in a unified platform. Migration to AWS from AEM is where the magic happens.

Royal Cyber & AEM

Royal Cyber offers distinctive web experience management services, using Adobe Experience Manager. We have had the pleasure of serving diverse clients across the globe in implementing/ integrating Adobe Experience Manager Projects. For more information email us at [email protected] or visit

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