Adobe Experience Manager with Amazon Web Services Automation

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a front-runner in digital experience delivery. It is a robust, enterprise ready solution that provides businesses with an easy way to deliver immersive web experiences, drive demand, build brand, and extend reach to audiences globally.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader in cloud services and infrastructure providing a cost effective, flexible, and easy to use computing platform. Combining Adobe Experience Manager and Amazon Web Services can be an effective method to deliver digital experiences to your customers Delivering a fast, secure, and unified experience is essential. The need to reach a wider audience across all devices is important. A shorter time to market can be a differentiator from competitors. Companies are turning to cloud-based solutions to lift business agility, harness new opportunities, and gain cost efficiencies.

Why Use Adobe Experience Manager on Amazon Web Services?

Adobe Experience Manager, can gain some benefits of the Amazon Web Services platform, including:
Global Capacity
Broad Set of Capabilities
Architecture Options
Architecture Sizing

Load Balancing
High Availability
Content Delivery

Digital Asset Management
Automated Deployment & Operations
Personalization and Targeting

When team’s starts to build managed platforms to run digital workloads, the aim must be to create applications that customers log in and work with rather than manage, host, configure, and maintain. That’s because the faster a customer can work with their application, the faster they can get their content to market.

With Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager, customers can deploy an Adobe Experience Manager environment in as little as 30 minutes, allowing digital marketing leadership to quickly create new sites without depending on IT to create their environment.

Using Adobe’s Experience Manager in tandem with Amazon Web Services provides a potent platform that easily delivers immersive and engaging digital experiences. It is a solution that answers the dilemma that many marketers and content providers face – how to deliver an immersive, appropriate, and smooth experience for end users from a unified platform. Amazon Web Services with Adobe Experience Manager delivers it all.

Cherry-picking Royal Cyber for Adobe Experience Manager

Royal Cyber offers web experience management services using Adobe Experience Manager. We served many clients globally in implementing/integrating Adobe Experience Manager projects. For more information email us at [email protected] or visit

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