Tackle Your Enterprise Integration Problems Using IBM API Connect

Migration from API Management version 4 to API Connect

API management is the process of publishing, documenting and overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure, scalable environment. The goal of API management is to allow an organization that publishes an API to monitor the interface’s lifecycle and make sure the needs of developers and applications using the API are being met.

IBM API Connect expands beyond basic management and offers an integrated environment to create, run, manage, and secure enterprise grade APIs and microservices to power modern digital applications.

IBM API Connect

There are no competitors offering the breadth and depth of the features API Connect provides which include socialization and analytics capabilities for the entire end-to-end API lifecycle.

Benefits of API Connect

  • Extremely capable of building and creating APIS for ESBs, servers and databases in minutes
  • New revenue sources through monetization of an organization’s API Program
  • Revolutionizes mobile, IoT, and web application development and enables secure mobile app integration with Enterprise APIs
  • Attract developers through API socialization with enterprise governance built-in.
  • Gain insights into which APIs are having the largest impact on an organization’s API Program.


If you are upgrading from IBM API Management Version 4.0, you must upgrade from the latest modification of IBM API Management Version 4.0.4 to the latest version of IBM API Connect Version 5.0.

By upgrading an IBM API Management Version 4.0 or later appliance to IBM API Connect Version 5.0 or later, existing configurations and concepts are changed to align with the new format.

During the upgrade process, any configurations that you have created in IBM API Management Version 4.0 or later are automatically converted to the new format. The following table shows the specific configuration and conceptual changes that occur during the upgrade process:

Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation

Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation

Securing & Scaling Up Capabilities

  • Authenticate application users using HTTP basic authentication or OAuth 2.0.
  • Get built-in caching, quota management and flood control.
  • Easily configure the product to use existing Data Power appliances.

Moreover, when you upgrade IBM API Management Version 4.0 or later to IBM API Connect Version 5.0 or later, you must upgrade your DataPower Gateway to version 7.5 or later. Find out the secrets of bridging the legacy and innovation through Royal Cyber’s API Connect solution.

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