Salesforce MuleSoft Bridging the Gap with Seamless Integration

Bridging the Gap Between the Cloud & the On-prem Data Center with Salesforce MuleSoft

For businesses to take full advantage of technologies, businesses must integrate seamlessly and dynamically with existing systems/applications/platforms/data centers, whether in-cloud or on-premise, without delays and operations overheads.

Traditionally, integration was done with point-to-point connectivity, custom code, etc. thereby resulting in delays and a less flexible system. MuleSoft’s Salesforce integration Solution accomplishes integrating multiple systems and data centers dynamically and quickly through API driven integration. Data being the basic need for artificial intelligence to produce desired results, with MuleSoft, data access, visibility, and consolidation across multiple systems, whether in-cloud or on-prem, is done dynamically and seamlessly.

Generally speaking, MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform provides tools to create APIs to get data from disparate systems, convert it into a process or deliver an experience to end user. As a result, the system will be loosely coupled and can be connected with other systems in the future.

API-led Connectivity

It is a way of connecting data and applications by means of an API. This approach is more agile and flexible as compared to point-to-point connectivity.

Benefits of API-led Connectivity

  • Reusability

  • Availability

  • Security

  • Visibility

  • Discoverability

  • Contracts Between Systems

We can create an application network, a seamless framework of data, devices and applications all connected through reusable API’s. All these APIs are reusable and can be utilized to integrate other external systems easily.

MuleSoft recommends creating &organizing APIs in the following categories:
  • System-Level API

  • Process-Level APIs

  • Experience-Level APIs

System-Level APIs

System APIs take care of all system details to establish the connection between databases, datacenters, op-prem apps, etc.

Process-Level APIs

Process APIs are designed to make System API’s data available to other systems by maintaining the needs of business and processes by minimizing technology dependency.

Experience-Level APIS

Experience APIs are responsible for delivering data that will be consumed by the end users through applications, etc. Experience level APIs are designed by marinating reusability feature without the dependency of the source generating the data.

Royal Cyber will help you in creating API-Led Application Network

Royal Cyber team has extensive experience in this area and can help you in connecting multiple data sources and applications, resolving data access, visibility and consolidation of issues across your Technology ecosystems seamlessly and quickly. We can integrate your legacy system, cloud applications with Salesforce Customer 360, Commerce Cloud, etc. and other third-party services (Amazon, Azure, Google, etc.) to create a dynamic and flexible infrastructure.

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