Expanded Platform Capabilities of Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi, the leading enterprise transformation provider of cloud integration and workflow automation to build the connected business rolled out a series of updates, of the Boomi platform. This update emphasizes Boomi’s mission to provide enterprise-grade security, enhanced usability and expanded flexibility for customers.

This blog describes the latest features available in Boomi releases. It will cover the list of below points with the detailed information.

  • Latest Connectors

  • Document Caching

  • Boomi for Blockchain

  • Enhanced Usability

  • Enterprise Grade Security

  • Expanded Platform Capabilities

High-level overview

Dell Bhoomi's Unified Platform

Latest Connectors

The below are the new list of connectors that are included, and also a few connectors amended with the new connectivity features to integrate with various systems.

  • LDAP connector
  • Microsoft Azure Service Bus connector
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations connector
  • HTTP Patch Client connector
  • RabbitMQ connector
  • Google Storage connector
  • Marketo REST connector

Document Caching

Document cache is an incredibly useful function that allows you to store documents for future processing. To make this functionality work better, these new features are introduced:

  • Enforce One Index Per Document

  • Remove document by index

  • Retrieve all from cache

Boomi for Blockchain

Boomi comes to solve your current integration challenges with a hybrid application landscape. With the emergence of Blockchain technology as an upcoming trend, we want to continue to be your trusted partner in helping you integrate your hybrid IT landscapes with different Blockchains. Earlier Boomi introduced its new connectors for the two major Blockchain technology platforms – Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. These connectors are still in Beta phase being tested by some of our customers and partners and plan to be made generally available to all customers late next year. In addition to enabling fast integration of customer business processes with a smart contract running on the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, these connectors will also enable the customer to access and append data from these platforms. We see that Boomi enables for Blockchain in the following three ways:

Blockchain Support: Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric
  • Integrate and orchestrate a hybrid landscape and Blockchain smart contracts.
  • Integrate across multiple smart-contracts within a Blockchain (multi-chain).
  • Integrate across multiple smart-contracts, across multiple Blockchains (cross-chain).

Enhanced Usability

This area of enhanced usability across our platform addresses the needs of all users. So that they can work faster and drive higher productivity. Boomi has always been about - productivity and control. Boomi providing more tools for developers for control and coding that last mile of connectivity on our platform. Some of the highlights of these features are as follows:

  • Scripting Component enhancements support JavaScript and Groovy scripts when deployed as part of the integration process.
  • IDE improvements embrace a new code editor for Groovy, JavaScript, and SQL Scripts.
  • To reduce the need for scripting, Access Execution Properties allows sending messages about the status of execution.
  • Extending dashboard functionality in Boomi Flow with more filters, visualizations and the ability to export data about flows and flow states to CSV.

Enterprise Grade Security

This initiative provides secure support for enterprise-scale use cases with additional options to enable security and compliance. With the new cloud applications and users on the already complicated IT landscape of our customers, the importance of security and controls is utmost. Below are the new enhancements.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA), option to limit the number of concurrent sessions to two per user and session lock and termination features offers users extra measures of security at login.
  • New Boomi Flow multi-region feature provides users the option of restricting access to apps only to specific regions to meet specific data residency and compliance requirements such as GDPR. Requests to the Boomi Flow runtime API endpoints on the platform will now be routed towards the region closest to you geographically.
  • Enabling more control over privileges and enhanced ability to see the metadata of an execution at the environment level

Expanded Platform Capabilities

As the market evolves and customers use iPaaS for a variety of use cases, this initiative ensures that Boomi delivers an open platform enabling customers to meet their expanding needs. Boomi is providing support to popular connectors as listed below.

  • Boomi Flow offline capability for field services use cases and new external storage functionality allows you to store your run-time data externally; in a storage location of your choice to meet specific data residency and compliance requirements.
  • 15+ new and enhanced connectors on popular applications and protocols including QuickBooks Online, Workday Prism Analytics, Amazon SQS, OData, Google Big Query, Box, Shopify, and IMAP.

Boomi matches the spirit of continued innovation. Royal Cyber adopts the technology solutions that can expand and evolve with the changing demands. With Dell Boomi, we have been able to quickly and easily improve productivity and efficiency across our client’s organization. To create the finest environment for users to succeed and evolve the best possible solutions email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com

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