Key Business Drivers and Benefits Implementing MuleSoft iPaaS

Written by Ali Akthar

Technical Account Manager

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a unique and innovative way that integrates applications and data from the Cloud and on-premise environments. Organizations using iPaaS focus more on their core business operations without worrying about coding too much. As the organizations move their applications and infrastructure to Cloud, the major roadblock that comes in between is the integration. To address this challenge MuleSoft Anypoint Marketplace out of the box connectors play a crucial role in streamlining the entire integration process, whether on the ground or Cloud. Organizations cannot afford siloed applications which is why the MuleSoft Anypoint platform has a high demand.

The MuleSoft Anypoint Marketplace connectors provide more than 450 pre-built application and data integration connectors. Users who wants to connect SaaS apps, analytics tools, significant data sources, on-premises systems, identity management, or technologies like REST and SOAP mostly can get these connectors handy to meet the task.

With the MuleSoft AnyPoint platform, organizations can build a custom connector using the Java-based Developer Kit (SDK) to respond to the need.

Modern: Hybrid and Elastic Architecture

Unlike traditional ETL and ESB technologies, the MuleSoft Integration Platform is purpose-built for the Cloud. Consequently, users can expect data to run at cloud speed. Data streams between applications, databases, files, and significant data sources are sent via the MuleSoft composer, a self-upgrading, elastic execution grid.

Mule Anypoint Connector – Out of the box Integration with Salesforce

The Anypoint Connector for Salesforce is an easy-to-use solution that helps you quickly build salesforce integrations for sales cloud, service cloud, salesforce platform or This connector is ready out of the box in MuleSoft desktop ID, Anypoint studio, and our web-based ID AnyPoint flow design.

Mule Anypoint Connector – Out of the box Integration with SAP system

Organizations can quickly achieve SAP integration with third-party solutions through the MuleSoft Anypoint Marketplace connector. Users can integrate their key business processes with their customers, partners, and supplies in a flexible yet cost-effective manner. The SAP connector provides SAP Java Connector (JCo) libraries. The SAP JCo libraries enable Mule apps to execute BAPI and RFC level connectivity to the SAP ERP system modules like FICO while facilitating CRM and SAP customer, invoice, and product data synchronization.

The Mule SAP connector enhances the capabilities of the SAP ERP system by:

  • Improving decision-making with real-time analysis

  • Improving inventory management and reducing inventory levels

  • Capturing new customers and increasing repeat business

  • Boosting operational efficiency and preventing re-keying of data

  • Accomplishing a single view of leads, customers, accounts, contacts, and opportunities

  • Improving forecasting and collections

Potential process flows linked to supplier/vendor portals consist of:

  • Vendor Account Management: Allow the submission of purchase orders to suppliers. Receive acknowledgments and delivery schedules into SAP. The inventory synchronization can be executed in real-time if the vendor is managing inventory.
  • Self-Service: Directly query the SAP data from the portal via the Mule SAP connector
  • Invoice Entry: Empowers suppliers to submit their invoices online against the PO to SAP.

The Mule SAP connector supports the following operations on the SAP system:

  • The user can enter the BAPI name and upon clicking “Suggest,” the right input/output views and properties will be generated automatically.
  • Get the BAPI object based on its description.
  • Execute the BAPI.
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations based on BAPI functionality.

Mule Anypoint Connector – Out of the box Integration with SAP HANA

SAP Hana is a relational database management system that stores and retrieves high operational and transactional data volumes. The database also serves as an application server, performs advanced analytics and has ETL capabilities.

The Mule Anypoint OData connector for SAP Hana is a set of pre-built connectors that lets you to read, write, and update data in an SAP Hana database. Users from different functional areas use the SAP Hana connector with cloud applications, on premises, and other databases.

A common use case is to enhance real-time supply chain management by integrating financial costs and revenue models between SAP Hana and other Cloud and on-premises applications, such as Anaplan, Redshift, Tableau, and others to improve supply chain operations and financial planning.

The SAP Hana pack includes:

  • SAP IDoc Document Listener

  • SAP Execute

  • SAP IDoc Listener

  • SAP IDoc Read

  • SAP IDoc Write

Mule Anypoint Connector – Out of the box Integration with IoT Devices

IoT offers substantial benefits to most companies today. You can fully realize the potential of IoT by integrating all types of characteristics and volume generated by data across your organization’s applications.

An agile integration platform needs to support several integration patterns and patterns specific to data location, like the Cloud, legacy systems, and trading partners. MuleSoft Anypoint Marketplace IOT connector supports various IoT protocols like MQTT, HTTP, document and Binary producers, REST, SOAP, and AmQP through Rabbit MQ.

The click-not-code bidirectional connectivity lets you connect faster. Validate, transform, aggregate, and route IoT messages in real-time. Visually map your IoT data to the application or data store of your choices, such as AWS RedShift, Spark, Kafka, BigQuery, and more.

Mule Anypoint Connector – Out of the box Integration with Oracle

Oracle offers various enterprise software solutions, including ERP, CRM, and SCM software, and is mainly known for its database management systems. Use the Oracle Mule connector to connect to your Oracle database and achieve read and write access to its objects. After installing the connector, Mule Anypoint will analyze the objects in your Oracle database and create metadata for them. Therefore, you will not need to perform any additional programming or configuration within Oracle.

The connector comes with building blocks that supports dozens of functions on your source data. Amongst the building blocks are readers and generators, such as the CSVRead, XMLRead, and DBRead functions. For each type of reader/generator, a writer building block is included. Building blocks contain operators, for instance aggregate, database lookup, filter, join, merge sorter, splitter, and type converter. Also, important to note

  • Implements the basic Oracle application security.

  • Predefined building blocks are easy to extend for any customization requirements.

  • Data access is monitored by the Oracle credentials.

  • Needs no additional configuration within Oracle after installation.

  • No Web Services or additional programming needed to access Oracle data after installation.

The built-in library of building blocks can be categorized by function, as follows:

Readers and Generators Atom RSS Read CsvRead DateDimension
DBRead FixedWidthRead HtmlRead RssRead
XmlRead Writers Atom RSS Write CsvWrite
DBWrite FixedWidthWrite Http Put/Post RssWrite
XmlWrite Operators Aggregate Compute
Constants Date Operations DB Lookup Filter
Format Fields Html Formatter Join Join – Outer Join
Math Operations Merge Sorter Mixer Regex
Sequence Sort Splitter String Operations
Type Converter Special Purpose DB Table Wizard Execute Resource

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The link between business and technology is now the driving force in creating value streams. However, to realize those goals, and enterprise architecture requires a future-proof integration platform, and that is where Royal Cyber with MuleSoft can help.

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