What is New in IBM Cloud Pak 2021.2.1?

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration presents a powerful integrated platform for deploying containerized integration as part of a Red Hat OpenShift deployment environment. By using Cloud Pak for Integration, an organization can connect applications, systems, and services swiftly and easily as part of a managed, controlled, scalable, and security-rich platform.

Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.2.1 consist of the following improvements:

  • Enhanced features for deploying and using Event Endpoint Management.
  • Makes use of natural language to create integration flows based on available templates.
  • Additional enhancements for AI-powered API test generation.
  • AI-based transformation generator.
  • Reduces the deployment footprint needed for selected integration capabilities.
  • Delivers enhanced security scanning for Cloud Pak for Integration libraries.
  • Uses continuous integration continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to deploy integration solutions without building custom images.
  • Includes additional prebuilt smart connectors.
  • Adds the following integration features to IBM App Connect Enterprise 12
  • Restyled and updated integration tooling includes a new testing framework
  • No-code RESTful integration services
  • A new simplified API authoring tool
  • Flexible integration patterns

Launching Flow Creation with Natural Language Processing

With the latest IBM Cloud Pak for Integration release, you can just ask for what you want. Explain the integration you are looking for by typing in ‘natural language’, and the Designer tool will present you with the integration flow you want.

How is this innovation offered? IBM Cloud Pak for Integration extends itself with a set of pre-built templates for integration flows. These can be extended with customer-built workflow templates. When you use natural language to define what you want to do, the product will tie the request with a set of templates and propose the most likely workflow alternative. There is an autosuggest function that will give options as you type! This will help accelerate flow creation and make it feasible for users with no integration experience to build integrations flows. Visualize the possibilities that open with true citizen integrators.

Event Endpoint Management

One more feature is an extension of an innovation first launched in the earlier release of Cloud Pak for Integration, Event Endpoint Management. This lets you use AsyncAPI to make API call against Apache Kafka history, making it easier to get benefitted from your Kafka event streams. In this new release, you can select this capability and deploy it as a separate feature rather than choosing API Connect as the deployment component. In addition, self-discovery is now possible, making it easier for developers to use the portal to find the right Kafka data and generate their credentials to get started faster.

Mapping Assist Improvements

Additional features that accelerate the building of integration flows consist of enhancements to the mapping assist feature that aids suggest transformations. The transformation generator is a brand-new capability to build the mapping expression recommendations based on sample data smartly. And the earlier integration flow mappings for each user now deliver closed-loop operational feedback to help improve new mapping suggestions.

Additional New Enhancements

In this announcement of Cloud Pak for Integration, multiple enhancements and improvements were delivered. For example, an enrichment to the API Test Generation feature helps simplify and automate analysis for brand-new API tests based on API calls and their enduring use. Another improvement is when customers are using multiple integration capabilities for a single integration use case. These can now be dragged together for deployment as a single instance without creating a custom image of the deployable integration solution. Thus, making these solutions much simpler and at the same time deploy them faster.

New and Enhanced Smart Connectors

Every new release of Cloud Pak for Integration has contained new or improved smart connectors, allowing for contextual connectivity into technical services or applications to exchange data more simply. This release is no exemption.

The latest Cloud Pak for Integration release includes the following list of new connectors:

  • flexEngage

  • Azure Blob storage

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • MQ

  • OpenAPI 3

  • Gmail

  • Box

  • Trello

These connectors help users extract critical business data more quickly from these endpoints and be quick to use.

Fast-Track your Digital Transformation with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

In every industry, businesses today are being swept up in the growing wave that is digital transformation. At the forefront of this movement effective integration of applications and data is essential. But traditional approaches to integration are slow to implement and hard to scale.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration brings together industry-leading integration capabilities to form the industry's most complete hybrid integration platform (HIP). With it, we have seen companies speed their integration development by 300%, reduce their costs of integration by over 33%.

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