VTEX Commerce Cloud: Next Generation Commerce Platform

Written by Pooja Naik

Senior Business Analyst


To sustain today’s environment, merchants need to think about modern digital commerce challenges to attract customers with a one-stop-shop destination. VTEX is the only commerce solution to go beyond traditional commerce by providing B2B/B2C commerce, marketplace, and OMS in one platform by going that extra mile for flexible technology design and rapid evolution.

VTEX is built on Microservices, API-first, Cloud, headless architecture (MACH-L) and low code development platform, which provides a lightning tailor-made experience to launch your eCommerce site and scale up your platform with less cost.


Simplified Web Development with VTEX IO

VTEX IO is based on a cloud-native low code development platform. VTEX IO offers fast-evolving and safe frameworks along with PWA-ready web stores, custom admin interfaces and Kubernetes back-end integrations. It supports highly productive technologies like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, .NET and Node. VTEX IO provides a store framework in react, native eCommerce components in Json where you can create your customized storefront. With VTEX IO, you don’t need to run any of your code locally. All your local changes get synched up automatically with the cloud development environment. IO automatically recognizes new code added in Github and makes it available to the end-user in case of updates. It also supports revert to the older version if needed again.

You can publish your app and see the changes within minutes.


  • Unified commerce platform
  • Easy collaboration with sales and channel partners through the marketplace
  • Manage your orders and inventory with in-house OMS
  • Data orchestration through multiple channels
  • Serverless development platform VTEX IO (low code platform)
  • Master Data API will help you connect with any external systems like PIM, CRM, OMS tools
  • Distributed Order Management
  • API-first and cloud-based solution for commerce
  • Smart Checkout
  • No platform upgrade required
  • Inbuilt AI personalization
  • Subscription models: flexibility to get access to API Comprehensive subscription solution.
  • GDPR compliant cookie consent management
  • Multi-tenant SAAS architecture

Fastest Growing E-Commerce Platform with MACH-L

As per IDC report and vendor assessment, Vtex commerce cloud is the fastest growing eCommerce platform based on its latest technology stack upfront, core strategy in commerce, frictionless commerce and many more. Check out the chart below for more clarifications:

Platform at a Glance

Merchandising / Marketing

  • Storefront Design Tools

  • Product Visualization

  • Promotions and Discounts

  • Abandoned Cart Tools

  • Recommendations / Personalization

  • Product Reviews

  • SEO

  • Apps Installations

Product Content Management

  • Catalogue Management

  • Product subscription

  • Pricing and segmentation

  • Workflow management

  • Products configuration

  • Product Search and Filtering

  • Intangible Products

Order Management

  • 50 +Shipping Options

  • 100+ payment integration

  • Consignment and order statuses

  • Built in Payment integrations

  • Tax integrations

  • Cross-Channel Fulfilment

  • Returns / Refunds

  • Inventory Management

  • Multi/Single/Fast checkout process

Multi-Channel Support

  • Unified Customer Experience

  • Mobile & Desktop

  • Social Commerce

  • Email

  • Store

  • 3rd-Party Store Integration

  • EDI & Punchout

B2B Features

  • Web and mobile

  • Field sales

  • Marketplace

  • Internet of things

Marketplace and Dropship

  • Automatic category mapping, logs, and suggestions

  • Reach upto 2,500+ sellers

  • Multi-currency, multi-language utilization

Omnichannel Commerce

  • Unified Inventory and catalogue

  • Unified pricing and promotions

  • Integrated Checkout across various channels

  • Integrated, persistent and shareable cart

  • Optimised fulfilment


  • APIs

  • Customization

  • Integrations to Add-on Tools

  • User Management

  • Reporting / Analytics

  • Admin Access Rights

  • Test-to-Product Migration

  • Internationalization

  • Cross-Browser Support

  • Security

  • Multi-Site Management

  • Performance and Reliability

Our Stepwise Project Development Process

Royal Cyber team will help you with all your integration, implementation, and migration needs. Our team will help you set up your VTEX eCommerce site within two to four weeks by using our crisp project development plan.

Platform Comparison

VTEX Magento SAP Commerce Cloud
Platform Type SAAS based PAAS based CCV2/On premise
Licencing VTEX licence fees starts with as low as $250 + 3% Revenue Sharing. Magento Community is free. Magento Enterprise license fees starts with $20,000+ per year range. High entry costs yet partially capitalized expense.
Support Supports in providing both their platform, and their support. Pretty basic support, is not nearly as involved with how you are using that software. Support is provided after raising an incident.
Time to Launch Needs less technical setup. Needs various setup and testing with a hosting account. Takes a lot of time to implement a new environment (9+ months).
Maintenance Continuous testing and build push of core software updates behind the scenes. Needs the application of security patches, bug fixes, and other updates. High infrastructure and support staff costs, High upgrade costs.
Migration Easy migration to VTEX. Complex migration to Magento. Complex migration to SAP commerce cloud.

Royal Cyber as your Integration Partner

Royal Cyber is a premium VTEX solution partner that has been designing unique and engaging digital commerce experiences. Royal Cyber has certified VTEX Resources that can help you move to VTEX with smooth integration. For more on this, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com/technologies/vtex/

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