Seamlessly Integrate G-Suite Apps with Salesforce to Increase Productivity

Organizations using Salesforce CRM can up their Sales Reps.' productivity significantly by adding AI tools such as Einstein Bots and Einstein Voice. Not to mention, other apps that Sales Reps. are already using to supplement their day-to-day work in the office, can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce to remove redundancy and save time.

Let us take a closer look into how to seamlessly integrate the widely used G Suite Apps with Salesforce Essentials/Lightning making it a productive pairing.

A. Productive Pairing of G-Suite Apps with Salesforce

What if you could use your Gmail application to keep an eye on the on-going sales and service requests?

Better yet, what if you leveraged this idea into action to attract more customers and earn more sales?

This is the superb idea of integrating G-suite apps with the Salesforce Platform.

It is a strategic pairing, resulting in huge benefits – allowing your Sales Reps. to save time and focus more on sales.

Let’s dive deep and look at the different apps that you can integrate with the Salesforce platform and how they would help your business.

1. Gmail Integration

Organizations around the world who use both Gmail and Salesforce should consider this integration now as it helps to sync data automatically associating emails from Gmail to the Salesforce records. This boosts user productivity to a large extent, more so because of the following benefits:

  • Eliminates time spent in entering the same data across two systems
  • Stop switching between the applications

Now, let’s see why the Sales Reps use Gmail!

  • Send Email messages as an easy way to engage with prospects and current customers.
  • Maintain contacts in Gmail as a repository

Next, they use Salesforce to automate the following functions:

  • To maintain Leads and Contacts info, which in turn is linked to other Salesforce records, such as accounts and opportunities.
  • Schedule meetings and appointments using Salesforce Calendars
  • To track deals in the pipeline
  • Keeping a record of outstanding cases so that they can improve upon whether it is about service, products, etc.

So, undoubtedly, there are some common functions they are performing both sides, spending time in double data entry.

Salesforce Gmail Integration addresses this by maintaining consistent data between Gmail and Salesforce, which helps Sales Representatives to stay on top of their game. Once integration is accomplished, they would shift to the following processes:

  • See and Relate relevant Salesforce Contents in Gmail by getting the business context. As needed, emails can be directly added to Salesforce, making it visible to the team.
  • Without leaving Gmail, the user can switch to Salesforce, create day-by-day functions, such as creating Salesforce records, creating/updating leads, accounts, contacts; relate email messages and nonrecurring calendar events to multiple Salesforce contacts; and search for Salesforce records, etc.
  • Using Lightning Sync in the background, Reps. don’t duplicate data entry for things such as contacts and events in both Gmail and Salesforce.
2. Google Contacts

Every organization has contacts that serve as the primary information and it’s a good idea to have all of your contacts synced in one place rather than distributed across applications.

Here is a list of benefits that comes with integration—

  • Get all Salesforce contacts on the phone and in Gmail by copying them into Google Contacts
  • Import all Salesforce contacts to Google Contacts to access clients' information whenever needed
  • Having Salesforce contacts available in Gmail is smart as Gmail requires less bandwidth
  • Send email easily and hassle-free by locating clients' information in Salesforce's bandwidth-heavy platform
  • Gmail's auto-fill feature saves time trying to figure out clients' names or email addresses.
  • To facilitate phone communication, when messages are shorter and more time-sensitive, texting or calling clients might be more desirable
  • Post-Sync Salesforce contacts with Google Contacts, automatically have all Google Contacts in Gmail email.
3. Google Calendar

The power of syncing Salesforce events with the Google Calendar enables the Sales Reps. or Service agents plan their actions efficiently. Planning the tasks and performing them on time counts and helps in excellent deliverability.

4. Google Drive

Efficient Data Storage is an important aspect of any organization’s on-going operations. And, sharing data between these two applications helps streamline and optimize complex business processes.

  • With the help of Salesforce Files Connect, you can simplify accessing Google Drive Files to Salesforce.
  • Files connect generates link or connector between Salesforce and Google Drive and in turn, helps employees to access all relevant data from Google Drive into Salesforce easily.
5. Google Sheets

Again, this app is the most commonly used. Let us consider the business benefits below:

  • Import reports from Salesforce into Sheets
  • Make changes to Salesforce directly from Sheets
  • Import custom data queries from Salesforce into Sheets, or make changes to Salesforce directly from Sheets.
  • Sheets add-on allows four different operations with Salesforce data:
    • Fetch a Salesforce report
    • Import Salesforce data on a custom query
    • Enter / Update changes made in the Sheet to Salesforce
    • Refresh data in sheets manually, or on a regularly scheduled interval
    • Delete data from Salesforce

Now that we know how to integrate G Suite Apps, let’s see how to take your customer relationship to the next level by using Salesforce Einstein AI Technology.

B. Making use of Einstein AI Technology

You can think of Einstein as your Smart CRM Assistant, which gives business insights, predictions and recommendations to connect your customers in a whole new way. It consists of AI Technologies like Advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and smart data discovery.

The major benefits of this technology are to predict future behavior, recommend best next actions, and also to automate these tasks.

From the availability standpoint, Einstein is fully integrated into Salesforce and doesn’t require you to hire a team of Data Scientists or developers or even the IT resources. It is available today for customers with Enterprise edition licenses and above with lightning enabled users.

Diving into Einstein Voice

Voice interface is the future.

Einstein Voice enables sales Reps. to use their mobile apps in a new way. They just need to talk to the app to perform tasks that otherwise had to be done with a keyboard.

Consider the Average typing speed, it’s 55 words per minute, whereas the talking speed is about 150 words per minute. That’s like a three-fold increase in productivity.

The Einstein Voice App is capable of understanding and interpreting voice successfully into action items.

Business benefits of Einstein Voice—
  • Conversationally update Salesforce- Voice interface can interpret requests to perform actions, update information on records from desktop or mobile devices.
  • Get Personalized Daily briefings- get the details of KPI’s and other priorities, and also, it’s a hands-free start for users who are better audibly.
  • Interactive Salesforce Dashboards- turns the text-based solution into voice-activated one, and drills down into information on dashboards.
More on Einstein Bots

Thanks to Siri and Alexa, but Einstein bots are more focused on delivering assistant to Salesforce users.

It does make use of the existing bot architecture and allows to help users using voice interaction.

Business Benefits of Einstein Bots
  • Huge help to call centers
  • Voice Bots can take up service calls
  • Bots are designed to collect all information before handing off to a team of experts to complete the calls
  • Each bot is created for a specific environment where the knowledge base is available
  • Customers can program the workflows that bots will follow using clicks rather than code.
  • And hence, developers are not required.

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