SAP Upscale Commerce and the Future of m-Commerce

Written by Neha Madiya

Lead Technical Content Writer

Today, most customers do their shopping online from their phones. Reports project that m-Commerce (the new term for mobile shopping) will account for 68% of sales in 2022.

Google is also pushing websites toward mobile-first design by programming its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to prioritize mobile versions of pages in its rankings.

Is Responsive Design Enough?

If you have a mobile-friendly site, that's a significant first step, but don’t stop there. Responsive design does not always make for enjoyable mobile browsing. Mobile-friendly online stores that are built for desktop-use first often appear squished on mobile browsers.

That squishiness often makes for uncomfortable and challenging maneuverability, leading to decreased shopping time and greater cart abandonment.

Now’s the time to create a hassle-free mobile shopping experience with a platform solution centered around m-commerce. The quality of your customer experience will make or break your business. The more you satisfy customers, the greater loyalty you'll receive from customers.

What is Upscale Commerce?

Upscale Commerce is SAP’s Customer Experience solution designed specifically for retail and direct-to-customer businesses (a.k.a. B2C companies.)

Upscale Commerce designs each mobile experience differently by automatically optimizing native experiences for each device type.

SAP Upscale Commerce

Upscale Commerce Development Time

Is developing a mobile-first store a complex project? It doesn’t have to be. With SAP’s Upscale Commerce solution, you can build a storefront quickly and effectively.

SAP’s Upscale Commerce is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product with artificial intelligence capability. Easy drag-and-drop configurations allow businesses to develop online stores quickly without fumbling around with code. There's no need for lengthy development periods and longer financial commitments by eliminating the time-consuming code development.

Who is SAP Upscale Commerce for?

  • Those looking to launch quickly: SAP Upscale Commerce offers customers a quick-build and deploy, mobile-first solution without the added features and extensibility available through the complete SAP Commerce Cloud suite.
  • Those looking to expand and grow: Through flexible and scalable software, Upscale Commerce can be developed for commerce platforms in a matter of days, not months, and maintained with very minimal effort and cost. This solution is also perfect for launching a new product line or for testing a new market.
  • Those looking to go digital: Speed to market is the greatest factor for competition in business. SAP designed Upscale Commerce to benefit especially those most impacted by digital transformation by quickly providing the tools, like drag-and-drop capability, to solve their transformation challenges.

When adding templates to your experience, you can select individual templates or one of the starter stores. A starter store provides a predefined set of templates for a specific purpose. Businesses can start with the commerce starter store, which gives customers everything needed to discover products and place an order.

For example, you can select one of the starter stores or an individual template based on your business needs.

You can then click on the templates to display the list of components. You can configure different aspects of the component, such as its display, layout, and behavior, depending on the type of component.


Key Benefits of Upscale Commerce Solution


“Now’s the time to create a hassle-free mobile shopping experience with a platform solution centered around m-commerce. The quality of your customer experience will make or break your business.“

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How to Get Started with Upscale Commerce

Our SAP Commerce Cloud advisors make getting started easy. We’ll help you:

  • Test your commerce store quickly and cost-effectively, with no coding.

  • Create a mobile-first app-like experience for a browser.

  • Design a beautiful store experience that’s connected to your back office.

  • Integrate distributed order management in a channel-less commerce approach and provide a personalized, seamless experience

  • Help you build intuitive commerce stores and deploy them instantly with a click of a button.

Contact us to speak with an SAP Commerce Cloud Expert, and go Upscale today.

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