SAP Hybris Multiple Storefronts

The businesses nowadays have multiple channels that need to be connected. If a customer starts a transaction online and then picks up the phone, will the customer service representative have that online information? It is necessary to deliver a consistent experience across all channels otherwise we could lose sales opportunities and incur higher support costs. The Hybris Multichannel Suite platform gives us everything we need to boost sales, improve customer service, and increase loyalty.

Benefits of SAP Hybris Multichannel Suite

  • Interacts with customers on their terms based on their preferences.
  • Delivers a unique, compelling, and profitable shopping experience with a full range of commerce capabilities including personalization, vouchers and coupons, promotions, cross-selling, payments, and more.
  • Creates a great, seamless customer experience across mobile, social, in-store, and other touch points.
  • Improves the customer experience with information about current and past interactions across all touch points.
Delivers Consistent, Relevant, and Accurate Content Across Channels
  • Comfortably manages content across print and online channels.
  • Removes purchasing roadblocks caused by inaccurate or inconsistent information.
  • Enables seamless “channel hopping” to retain customers and increases conversions and order value.
  • Improves the effectiveness of your messages by optimizing based on customer context and intention.
Be Innovative
  • Uses new touch points, such as tablets, Internet-enabled TVs, etc., quickly to grab first mover’s advantage.
Transform Your Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Integrates online and in-store promotions with sophisticated store locator capabilities.
  • Supports innovative delivery methods, such as order in store, ship to home, or click and collect.
  • Optimizes store space with long-tail online offerings.
  • Equips sales clerks with the ability to give suggestions and personalized offers to improve the in-store customer’s experience.
Profit from a Holistic View of Stock
  • Optimizes stock inventory across the entire organization.
  • Eliminates customer frustration due to lack of stock at a specific location.
  • Increases the ability to sell higher margin inventory.
Sell Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere
  • Supports the entire order management process and ensures seamless cross-channel fulfillment.
  • Offers innovative new options, such as in-store pickups or returns, with a holistic view of all orders.
  • Empowers your customer service teams and in-store sales clerks with complete pictures about all transactions, regardless of channel or touch points.
Delivers Performance
  • Get all the power and support needed on the back end as well. SAP Hybris keeps commerce operations running smoothly by providing clustering and high performance security for protecting data, transactions, and robust reporting for ongoing measurements and improvements.
Get to Markets Fast
  • Implements faster with the Hybris Accelerator, the ready-to-use commerce solution that allows you to jump-start your efforts, and effortlessly builds and maintains feature-rich multichannel commerce operations.

Why Royal Cyber?

  • Royal Cyber is a SAP Hybris silver partner and has seasoned SAP Hybris Commerce consultants to streamline your eCommerce sites.
  • Royal Cyber has extensive experience in working on cloud platform i.e. migration and implementation

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