SAP Commerce for Wholesale Distribution Industry

Written by Neha Madiya

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Success in the wholesale distribution industry depends on a multitude of factors. New technologies, changing market dynamics, and increasingly demanding customers are altering the way distributors do business.

When it comes to technology, many distributors are still lagging behind. There is no doubt that digitization transforms operations in wholesale distribution. Companies will miss out on opportunities if they fail to utilize demand management systems, omnichannel commerce platforms, or inventory management solutions.

Wholesale distributors now have the opportunity to reinvent themselves, adapting business models to better serve customers and keep the economy flowing with goods. To do this, distributors will need to invest in a technical architecture that provides both stability and long-term reliability for core processes, while allowing for flexibility in areas where change is happening on a constant basis.

SAP Commerce has been a pioneer in delivering the most comprehensive suite of wholesale distribution industry solution. Let’s take a deep dive into why SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) has been a preferred technology partner for wholesale distributors.

Deep Wholesale Distribution Industry Knowledge and Solution Capabilities

SAP Commerce Cloud solutions are developed based on deep industry business process knowledge and in collaboration with industry-leading distributors and partners. The solution helps organizations solve real-time business issues and adapt to rapidly changing business and IT environment. The modular design of SAP Hybris for Wholesale Distribution enables a distributor to decide on an initial solution scope to meet the current requirements – and then incrementally add solutions or new applications at any time as needs change and grow.

SAP Commerce for wholesale distribution supports

Procure-to-Pay Management – Manage strategic and operational relationships with your suppliers to reduce the cost of goods sold, streamline operations, and decrease overhead costs.

Supply Chain Planning – Conduct advanced demand and supply planning to maintain or improve service levels, reduce your capital investment in stock across the supply chain.

Order-to-Cash Management – Support a range of sales order channels and services that provide income, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce customer churn.

Supply Chain Execution – Improve inbound and outbound processes and warehouse management to accurately measure the performance of core warehouse operations.

Financial Management - Supports all the phases of financial management, from accounting and controlling, to business intelligence, including profitability analytics, enabling financial excellence. SAP Commerce for Wholesale Distribution provides closed looped industry specific functionality that enables planning, sourcing, storing, selling, and analysis in a single unified view of key information across diverse functional areas and reduces the cost of developing, mapping, batching and maintaining multiple legacy and point solutions.

Best Practices for Wholesale Distribution:

SAP Best Practices for Wholesale Distribution supports enterprises that require rapid implementation. Whether you are a new or existing SAP Commerce customer, leveraging SAP Commerce Best Practices for Wholesale Distribution gets your solutions up and running quickly and contributing quickly to your bottom line. SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) Best Practices for Wholesale Distribution describes exactly how best to implement various key business processes in your system – including how to set up and configure your SAP software.

SAP Commerce provides full integration with the business processes as well as simplified integration between frontend and backend operation. Business processes automation as a core part of the integration can save time, resources, and costs. When your employees do not have to perform routine tasks, they are more productive. SAP software for wholesale frees time on phone calls to the prospects. Sales managers can take time to improve inventory management, order processing, or find new suppliers. With SAP Hybris B2B companies can store all specific data on pricing, open orders, and other sales information in one place.

Support in Every Step of Customer Journey:

It is very important for businesses to satisfy customers across all their touchpoints starting from the first visit to the business website to a commerce interaction. SAP has developed advanced features for billing, order management and SAP Sales Cloud are designed to avail your wholesale customers at each step of their journey.

Thanks to SAP Commerce Cloud wholesale solutions, you can target clients where they make the most profit, discover things they care about. That makes every single interaction with a customer relevant and meaningful.

Market Leader in Enterprise Application:

SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) is the undisputed leader in the enterprise applications market, providing the scale, experience, and ecosystem required to continually create and increase customer value. While SAP Commerce was historically perceived to be a “large-company only” solution, it is now a leader in the mid-market as well.

Benefits of SAP Commerce for Wholesale Businesses in a Nutshell

SAP Commerce’s B2B Accelerator which is a ready-to-use Web framework enables you to jump-start your B2B implementation and easily build and maintain a feature-rich, omni-channel commerce solution.

Advanced navigation and search capabilities speed up the process of making the purchase decision: and therefore, contribute to the sales growth.

Support of complex pricing models set up either in the SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) backend system or natively within the e-Commerce platform

Customized catalog enables wholesalers to present specific groups of customers with distinctive targeted offers

Simplified management of cost centers and budgets for all purchases through the B2B e-Commerce shop

The ability to define credit limit on the basis of different criteria, e.g., currency, order value, etc.

The ability to track orders online and collect specific information about their current status

Fast adaptation to dynamic market needs and rich Out-of-the-box functionalities

B2B Accelerator’s AddOn features allow you to manage your accounts, order forms, login security, and punch-out procurements.

Here are some examples:
  • B2B Account Summary - The Account Summary AddOn for B2B Accelerator allows users to view their company's financial history through the B2B site. Merchants can view financial history of all their customers through the Backoffice Administration Cockpit.

  • B2B Account Management - Through the My Account section, SAP Commerce B2B Accelerator allows users to manage their personal details, shipping addresses, and credit cards saved to the account, as well as view order, quote, and returns history.

  • B2B Order Forms - The SAP Commerce B2B Accelerator storefront provides an Order Forms feature where users can input keywords or product IDs to search for products to add to their cart.

  • B2B Saved Order Forms - The Saved Order Form feature for Commerce B2B Accelerator allows users to save a list of products that can be added to the cart at a later time.

  • B2B PunchOut - PunchOut-ready B2B sites allow buyers to shop a supplier's online catalog and save the cart as a requisition in the buyer's procurement system for approval.

  • B2B Early Login - The secure portal addon AddOn requires users to authenticate before being able to browse the site. Users can also request an account.

Contact Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber’s team of experts are ready to address all your business needs. Our dedicated team of SAP Commerce at Royal Cyber can help you with future-proofing your business.

Apart from SAP Commerce accelerators, Royal Cyber’s team can also help you with implementing our custom, ready-to-integrate solutions to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

Royal Cyber’s AI-Powered Site Search Solution provides your customer a user friendly and intuitive online shopping experience that will significantly boost sales, revenues. We offer Natural Language Search, Visual Search and Product Recommendations to improve the customer’s user experience. Please click here to know more.

360 View & Product Customization helps to view & customize a product Virtually. This solution provides a 360 degree view of the product. This feature is especially used for products that can be configured or customized.

The main benefits are
  • Increased customer satisfaction & reduced return of items

  • Check pricing based on personalization

  • Easy online product evaluation

  • Customer Engagement

Subscription Commerce Enabler allows your customers to subscribe for product purchases over specified delivery intervals.

This helps in
  • Create a recurring revenue stream for your business

  • Reduced Marketing costs for businesses

  • Offer customers with better discounts

  • Have more predictable sales forecasts

  • Plan deliveries ahead and save

  • Retain customers

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