Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to Get A 360-Degree View

Written by Neha Madiya

Lead Technical Content Writer

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM developed for streamlining sales, marketing & customer support. Salesforce Sales Cloud can be customized to suit your B2B & B2C needs and can act as a central repository of customer information.

Getting the most value out of your IT investments is now more crucial than ever. You can now quickly and efficiently connect Salesforce with critical applications and data in your organization, including employee information, customer records, and financial data.

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Integrating Salesforce with your enterprise architecture is the key to enabling sales teams, enhancing customer loyalty, and growing market capabilities. Salesforce Sales Cloud integration will help you streamline business processes and maximize services & solutions.

Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

  • Improved functional effectiveness for CSRs, AEs, and Marketing Users

  • Seamless information flow by automating different applications

  • Integrated Salesforce with Infor SyteLine and SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud

  • Spare time with the Sales rep, CSR’s and AE’s

  • Better Customer service experience

  • Accurate Reports and Analytics

  • Better Customer service

Business Benefits

  • Sales dashboard provides insight into enterprise sales trends & goals
  • Multi-channel support allows customers to use their preferred method of communication
  • Automatic quote generation reduces the burden on application engineers
  • Streamlined user experience for customers and employees
  • Ability to view customer quotes on a global scale
  • Integration gives the 360-degree view of a customer in Salesforce
  • Self-service eliminates superfluous work for CSR / AE
  • Single platform for lead, opportunity, and pipeline management
  • Builds outbound sales capabilities
  • Increased sales forecasting and product scheduling accuracy
  • Better insight into key/higher-value accounts
  • Data flowing from multiple systems will give a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Ability to report on new data as well as create visual dashboards

Salesforce Sales Cloud is Helping Customers to Achieve

How Did this Salesforce Integration Help our Client?

About the client: The client is an American instrumentation company and is a global solution provider of sensing, control and monitoring technologies.

Challenge: The client’s sales representatives and CSR’s had to switch between different applications time and again to cover their business needs, leading to lowered customer experience and overall efficiency.

Solution: Royal Cyber team integrated multiple applications seamlessly on Sales Cloud. This integration helped the Sales representatives access all customer-related data seamlessly and get a holistic view of the customers without switching between multiple applications, solving one of the biggest challenges for our client. Since Salesforce had all the relevant customer-related information, the customer wants to use Salesforce Einstein to fulfil their analytics requirements and furnish required reports. A detailed integration is illustrated below.

  • Improved Customer experience
  • Improved Efficiency rate

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Today’s evolving customer needs make it challenging to plan and run your daily campaigns parallelly. It’s more important than ever to monitor business health in real-time and pivot go-to-market strategies fast. Luckily, that’s where Sales Cloud can help.

At Royal Cyber, we can help you automate managing leads more effectively, monitor pipelines more accurately, and help you close more deals faster with the world’s most trusted salesforce automation software. From discovery to analysis, design and implementation, our salesforce expert team provides project management and quality assurance. Ramp up your Salesforce Integration today!

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