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Written by Pooja Naik

Senior Business Analyst

Looking at the current global situation of the pandemic, people are still reluctant to visit physical stores and buy the products they desire. Due to this, most e-commerce businesses have seen unexpected spikes in their virtual businesses. Hence, many brands compete to provide the best virtual shopping experience to their customers without letting them visit the brick-and-mortar shop. While the world is still unsure of the future, brands are preparing themselves with new ways of providing virtual experiences to customers.

Nowadays, customers prefer personalized products and configuration experiences all in one place where they can create and purchase their creations with the freedom of customization. For example, a customer wants to buy a pair of good comfortable shoes and wants to customize its components such as the fabric, color, accent color, side mesh, material, patterns, etc., and is looking to buy the personalized shoe they have designed. Providing such experiences to the end customer is a big challenge for most businesses.

Below are some of the common challenges businesses are facing to provide a pleasant visual purchasing experience to customers:

  • Lack of advanced technology
  • Catalogue restructuring
  • Better PLP and PDP page feels
  • Interactive product images and quality
  • Product image view in 360-degree rotation
  • 3D proficiencies
  • High-level custom configurations on PDP page
  • Limitations within predefined variants
  • Personalization

Royal Cyber’s “Product 360 Configure”

To overcome these common business challenges, Royal Cyber has built an in-house solution that provides businesses with an excellent quality of 3D visuals and advanced custom configurations for their products to both business users and end customers. This helps boost online shopping, better customer engagement, enhanced PLP/PDP experience, high conversion rate, reduction in returns, and many more to count.

Product 360 Configure solution enables easy customer onboarding, hassle-free team collaboration within teams through extensive workflow management, interactive 3d visuals of your product along with 360-degree rotation, complete personalization experience, global library of 3D objects-textures-materials of your products, and last but not the least easy integration with any of the ecommerce platform.

Our integrated client SDK enables businesses to visualize their complete product before selling it. In addition, it allows businesses to preview the personalization experience of the products based on their preferences and help create the ultimate shopping experience for their end customers.

Our solution supports all major businesses such as construction, apparel, accessories, retail stores, corporates, manufacturing, etc. Royal Cyber's in-house 3D team will help you with your product's 3D conversion within a minimal period and create your personalized product models through the "Product 3D configure" solution.

E-Commerce Workflow & End Customer Journey

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Product 360 Configure Backend Portal Journey

The Architecture

SaaS-based and Cloud-Native

The back-end portal can run faster and remain responsive by storing data in the cloud and ensuring that businesses are always up and running.

MACH Principle

Product 360 Configure is built on MACH principles with modern commerce solutions and caters to today’s customer’s needs and requirements flexibly.

Flexible integration with any front-end

Our back-end portal is an intuitive and entirely self-service solution that runs on a codeless rules engine.

API Extensibility

Integrate Product 360 Configure with any of your e-commerce platforms using our robust API end-points using GraphQL and ReactJS.

Easy customer onboarding

Product 360 Configure provides easy on-boarding of business and enabling a user-friendly back-end portal.

Robust and Powerful Architecture

Compatibility with E-Commerce Platforms

Connect your e-commerce platform with our backend portal using our robust SDKs and API endpoints with RestAPI and GraphQL.

Unique Features of Product 360 Configure

  • Publish satisfied 3D objects and set up product configurations online
  • Flexibility to select materials and values for end-users
  • Access to product catalogue and material management
  • Streamline the approval and rejection process of 3D object conversions
  • Learn the live status of the product through the workflow systems
  • Interactive 3D object conversion in minimal time
  • Streamline the approval and rejection process of 3D object conversions
  • Access customer performance and product reports in dashboards
  • Configure customizations based on product stock and inventory
  • Support and allocation of responsibilities based on user roles
  • Preview 3D objects and configurations before publishing
  • 3D standard compliant

Why Should You Opt for Product 360 Configure?

  • Get in touch and gain access to personalized plans for products
  • Integrate the e-commerce platform using GraphQL/RestAPIs
  • Create a dashboard for organizations and teams
  • Setup products with automated visual workflows and create rules without any coding
  • Design 3D models based on business requirements
  • Review 3D objects and create models for the product
  • Publish the 3D products

Benefits of Product 360 Configure

  • Boost the customer shopping experience with high-quality visuals
  • Increase lead conversations
  • Personalize 3D and customization experiences
  • Create a self-service platform for all types of users
  • Select a variety of 3D objects from the product library
  • Create multiple level object customizations based on requirement
  • Access a codeless backend platform with dashboard reports
  • Create a seamless integration with any commerce platform or digital medium
  • Determine the end customer customizations on the storefront


Royal Cyber can help seamlessly implement Product 360 Configure, guide you at every step of the journey, and leverage industry-leading practices ensuring smooth execution with a team of expert consultants. Contact us to help you deliver immersive and interactive customer experiences with our end-to-end 3D and customization solution for e-commerce.

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