Royal Cyber’s InView for Salesforce: Achieve a 360-Degree View

Written by Poonam Chandersy

Technical Content Writer

Royal Cyber's InView for Salesforce is a solution that helps to analyze, manage, and display data in the form of dashboards. Instead of approaching each data category individually, separately, or sequentially, it provides a single and unified view of every business data set. Using a Master Data Management (MDM) to compile the data sets is essential to view the data holistically and consider how it can provide a complete view of the business. In addition, Royal Cyber’s InView for Salesforce eliminates any manual or human interventions, avoiding any data mishandling and making it the ideal way to add exponential business value to an organization’s existing data.

Despite substantial data sets being readily available, businesses struggle with disconnected, fragmented, inaccurate, and incomplete data sets, making it complex to derive a contextual understanding of the information. While several functional applications aim to provide better data sets and a complete 360-degree view of the business data, they focus on user interfaces and utilize databases to store and not manage the data.

For this, Royal Cyber has developed a solution – InView that is built native to Salesforce, the world's leading CRM application.

Why Choose Royal Cyber’s InView?

Common challenges for implementing a data management system include fragmentation and inconsistency of master data. Data is often stored in different warehouses s following inconsistencies of formats, dimensions, and definitions across sources like sales and marketing tools such as Enterprise Source Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platforms (CDP). While they have a different way of representing information, they lack comprehensive insights across source systems with no single version of the truth and an inability to adapt to business conditions and market forces. This is where Royal Cyber's InView helps to bridge this gap.

Importance of Channel Visibility

Channel visibility is a critical aspect that needs to be considered when applying InView for Salesforce. Businesses have adopted an omnichannel approach to sales, finances, inventory, and communication channels, only compounding the amount of data to be managed. The various channels that InView for Salesforce supports include:

  • Financial Data such as invoices, payments, and costs of production

  • Transportation Management System

  • Marketing such as email and social media

  • Customer Data

  • Sales Channels

  • Service Channels

  • Inventory

  • Products

It is essential to consider which data sets are included in InView for Salesforce as the data must provide visibility to businesses enabling them to make informed growth decisions.

Benefits of Royal Cyber’s InView

Royal Cyber's InView for Salesforce enables a comprehensive and 360-degree view of the business. This results in economic benefits such as increased revenues with better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, higher conversion rates, product development options, enhanced support services, guided selling, customer retention, and much more. Additionally, it also helps to boost retention rates and recognize profitability across various products and services.

InView also includes preventive benefits such as reduced risks of issuing unfavourable credit terms and regulatory non-compliances – especially for new customer privacy regulations – and general risk management, a critical benefit for a financial service firm.

Applying InView Across Industries

Royal Cyber's InView provides a set of universal benefits across all industries, and it also helps to solve industry-specific issues for manufacturing, finance, and retail, amongst others.

  • Manufacturing: InView helps manufacturers model and unify a diverse customer base. Whether B2B, B2B2C, or B2C, each of these models aims to achieve a complete view of the customer requirements and their purchasing patterns. Using InView, manufacturers can deliver better services, anticipate customer needs, refine operational processes, and deliver customized offers to drive business revenue.
  • Insurance: InView helps to identify the customers by understanding the connections between customer records. This capability helps decrease customer acquisition costs by capturing familial relationships for sales opportunities, resulting in lower sales and marketing costs combined with improved effectiveness. Householding also works across personal and commercial connections to provide individual liability customers with discounts on commercial liability protection policies.

Other business applications for insurance companies include developing a normalized party-relationship model, where companies market to employees or owners of businesses and their subsidiaries. InView for Salesforce also provides insurance companies with better underwriting by identifying and pricing customer risks accurately. In addition, it allows insurers to visualize customers across all systems, including third-party providers such as fraud-prevention services, to determine a customer's risk of fraud, thereby enhancing risk management.

  • Financial Institutions: InView helps financial services such as banking and credit unions to improve regulatory compliance. Organizations follow specific regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) that require them to know the customer's financial behavioral patterns. InView helps reduce regulatory compliances, credits risks, reputational risks, and much more.

Connected Data Sources and Dashboards

Royal Cyber's InView helps to understand data across platforms and applications by connecting multiple data sources for analysis such as:

  • ERP Systems

  • Commerce Systems

  • Financial Systems

  • CRM Systems

  • Connecting internal and external applications

  • Sales Systems

  • Service Systems

  • Marketing Systems

The data from each of these systems are analyzed, managed, and displayed in the form of dashboards and provides a holistic view for each business area with any manual or human interventions, thus avoiding any data mishandling.

While the dashboards representation can be generic across all industries, Royal Cyber also provides industry-specific dashboards catering to individual business requirements. The current range of dashboards include:

  • Forecasting: Provides a holistic view of the past, and present Sales funnel
  • Customer Profiling: Represents the customers' interactions with the business in the form of orders places, payments, credit rating, social media interactions and marketing activities
  • Marketing Strategies: Provides recommendations based on past individual customer responses
  • Products: Represents a complete view of the products' demand and compares it to the number of products sold
  • Sales and Service Performances: Represents the Sales and Service performances of the organization based on factual data
  • GRC Dashboard: Provides a holistic view of the organization's compliance adherence


With Royal Cyber's InView, get a comprehensive view and add more value to your data to help your business make better-informed decisions. Contact us for more information and let our Salesforce experts help you define a way to gauge the success of this solution with measurable business goals and a detailed implementation roadmap.

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