Improve Customized Reporting of Digital Data using IBM Tealeaf

Retailers find it difficult to master the customer experience management, as they are not able to track indefinable successes and failures of each transactions. This information can be extremely powerful, especially when the marketing world is seeing a growing demand for customer behavior. Few of the trending analytical solutions can determine real-time recommendations during web interactions for each individual customer, driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

Gaining knowledge over your customers’ experiences on your site can help address ways to increase revenue, reduce customer churn, and decrease production support costs. One way to collect all these information is by using IBM Tealeaf.

Tealeaf is a Customer Experience Management software to captures website interaction from the user's viewpoint. The Tealeaf product captures, analyzes and replays the details of a customer’s visit in order to find site errors. It allows the business owner to better understand how transaction failures impact their business processes and, in turn, provides insight into how to fix them.

The Tealeaf CX platform can extract meaningful information, provide insightful analysis, and deliver the tools to you for replaying, engaging in further exploration, and exporting the data which consists of all important information from each request from the visitor and each corresponding response from your web application

Tealeaf monitors communications between your web application and visitors, effectively capturing visitor's entire experience on your website. From this you can produce meaningful analytics on application problems, missed opportunities, and areas for improvement

Problems Faced on an eCommerce Site

Let’s say your site sells some mobile accessories and a customer comes in search of a new power bank. They effortlessly navigate through your site and make a selection based on product descriptions. The customer has also added the product to the cart and proceeds to checkout.

But, somewhere during the checkout process, the customer abandons the purchase. You have lost the sale, but you don’t know why. The problem is the lack of visibility into the buyer’s journey through your site. While your team can make educated guesses into the reasoning behind this failed purchase, you may never know for sure what happened. Tealeaf takes the guesswork out of the problem-solving process by providing a view of the customer’s shopping experience.

How Does Tealeaf Address these Problems?

The customer service or marketing team member can find where in the process the customer may have abandoned the site and then contact them directly and quantify the loss. By acknowledging where something went wrong in the process or sending them promotional emails, Tealeaf can help lure the customer back to your site to complete a purchase.

This strategy allows businesses to optimize the value of each customer visit, increase customer service effectiveness, and gain visibility into issues and therefore quickly identify and resolve them.

Business Benefits from Tealeaf

  • Provides visibility into the actual customer experience
  • Allows you to quickly diagnose and resolve site obstacles struggle
  • Affords the ability to quantify the business impact of any given issue for more effective prioritization
  • Provides real time Customer Experience analytics to engage discovery and web site optimization efforts
  • Seamlessly integrates with CRM systems to make online customer service more effective
  • Affords proactive remarketing or order recovery campaigns

A Level-Up to Hyper-Personalization with Royal Cyber

Use Case Study:

The client is a well-established online provider of a variety of educational products to schools, colleges, and public libraries through its subsidiaries. They approached Royal Cyber Inc. for customized reporting of their digital data derived from different business units and to aid comparison with actual eCommerce databases. They also required experienced Tealeaf resources to model their new deployed Tealeaf Solution to provide actionable insights.

Royal Cyber leveraged IBM Tealeaf to gain critical insights into customer behavior online and improve customer engagement. Using IBM Tealeaf solutions we were able to replay these abandoned customer sessions in an effort to rapidly identify the potential cause of the problem. As a customer experience analytics solution, it provides extensive visibility into customers’ online experiences and insight into customer behaviors within web and mobile browsers.

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