IBM Watson Commerce Performance Tuning

Better performing websites are not just easier to use, they also increase your online sales, ad impressions, search ranking and much more! No one wants to buy a product from a site which takes too much time in loading the pages!

Users expect a fast experience. If they don’t get it, they may shop elsewhere. Our experts, who work with some of the world’s biggest brands, know what it takes to have a site Performance Tuned.

IBM Watson Commerce provides enterprises with excellence in scalability and performance to handle any level of load and scale for success. However, a Watson commerce site without proper performance tuning will not be as effective.

The ways to improve Watson Commerce site performance includes:

  • Application Server Dynamic Caching Caching improves response time and reduces the system load. Caching dynamic content is one of the most important ways to improve Watson Commerce performance.
  • Trace and Logging Watson Commerce uses Application Server tracing and logging infrastructure to provide diagnostic information. While this information is helpful in identifying problems, it adds unnecessary load to the system. When all logging and tracing is turned on, system uses many resources to write data to the disk instead of handling the workload
  • Latest Fix Pack Following best industry practices, Fix Packs available for Watson Commerce should be implemented asap to fix any security vulnerability, defect or performance issue.
  • Database Tune-up In an e-commerce application, operational data such as completed/cancelled orders, temporary addresses, logging information rapidly increases within time and put the performance of your site at risk. Scripts can be setup to automatically manage the operational data and properly index the database based on the requirements on a regular basis.

Performance bottlenecks can be located on any level of the system (Data Layer, Business Logic Code, Presentation Layer, Search or Indexing logic) and performance tuning is required at all of these levels. Optimization of Back-end logic such as database queries and web servers is always important. A well-targeted performance strategy should always include the front-end as 80-90% of End User time is spent on the Frontend.

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