Apps are Simplifying the Shopping Experience

Retail apps are empowering customers to hunt, research, and compare. Almost 71% of the shoppers use apps to browse and make an out-of-the-store engagement; and, brick-and-mortar retailers who have not embraced this technology are already losing out to the online retailers.

People expect personalized shopping experiences when they stop by at a brick-and-mortar store. With the convenient check-out stores becoming more technology driven, customers are increasing their engagement with the stores using their mobile devices. In some apps, there are virtual ‘try on’ clothes and accessories counters where customers can see how they look like even without visiting the store. It’s all about speed and convenience.

Mobile is changing how we live and work

IBM MobileFirst mobile solutions deliver apps to engage customers. All interactions can be tailored centered on data and processed securely across all touchpoints with a well-designed user experience. IBM’s new suite of MobileFirst AR (augmented reality) apps is taking the shopping experience to the next level. All apps are designed to stimulate sales and at the same time increase customer loyalty. IBM and Apple have released some of the world-class business apps. Apple is currently using iBeacon technology to promote brand engagement and drive store traffic. Some of the other popular retailers have integrated ‘smart mirrors’ in trial rooms to personalize the customer experience.

The IBM MobileFirst & iOS Advantage

The following apps combine the power and capability of the world’s best mobile platforms:

  1. The Sales Assist app – This app helps sales associates to keep up with product information so that they can assist customers and precisely target those on the shopping process.
  2. The Pick & Pack app – This app helps retailers to efficiently deliver products to shoppers using location-based technology that links to back-end inventory systems that help to avoid lost sales because of long lag times.
  3. The Order Commit app – This app gives retailers real-time views of product data and integrates with the inventory to give insights on how the inventory and purchasing decisions affect the bottom line and the overall merchandising strategy.
  4. The Dynamic Buy app – This app gives retailers the data they need to make the best buying decisions. In the past, retailers used to depend on the instinct when deciding what to purchase for the forthcoming season.

According to EMarketer, mobile commerce will witness a 15%-20% growth each year for the next five years. So every business and brand should personalize and add some real-time mobile value for customers.

Royal Cyber, a Premium IBM Partner for more than a decade, provides best-in-class enterprise mobility solutions. You can take advantage of our mobile expertise clubbed with IBM’s unparalleled technology. If you want to build your apps on MobileFirst platform, look no further. Royal Cyber will be working as your technology partner to personalize your mobile moments.

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