Get Futuristic with HCL WebSphere Commerce v9.0

Ecommerce has transformed not just how customers shop, but also the provider options from which customers can buy products. The development of Ecommerce has the potential to augment competition within retail markets, enhance consumer choice and enable innovation in product distribution.

There are a lot of mergers and acquisitions going on as far as the Ecommerce platform is concerned. Organizations are trying to fill the gaps and enhance the capabilities, whether it’s B2B or B2C. They want to solidify themselves as leaders.

As you know, HCL IBM acquisition resulted in complete control of Commerce in the hands of HCL. Some of you might still be analyzing the impact of this deal and would be interested in knowing more.

To get insights on the future Roadmap and all you need to know.

It is critical for businesses to leverage technologies that offer a competitive edge. It is not a bed of roses to run an eCommerce business. You need agility, reliability and ease of use to dominate in the E-commerce world.

HCL WebSphere Commerce v9 provides businesses agility & flexibility to rapidly innovate and to adjust their go-to-market strategies and remodel how they engage customers across channels.

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