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If enterprises want to keep up in the digital world, they may need to adopt IBM MobileFirst’s latest version for ensuring a clean mobile experience. Not long ago, IBM announced that the next generation of MobileFirst Foundation is available on cloud. The latest version lets developers to build apps and start small on cloud or on premise, and then scale up to meet the demands of the changing development process.

According to a study by IDC, cloud IT infrastructure expenditure is estimated to reach $57.8 billion by 2020, which would be 47.9 % of the total spending on IT enterprise infrastructure. Michael Gilfix, Vice President of MobileFirst and Smarter Process at IBM, points out that as the demand for cloud continues to skyrocket, mobile applications have become the driving force behind that demand within the enterprise. Uniquely designed for the cloud, the new IBM MobileFirst Foundation meets the need for speed and productivity in mobile application development without compromising security. A Forrester Research study says that MobileFirst has helped enterprises decrease mobile application development time from 12 weeks to 7.3 weeks.

Key enhancements in IBM MobileFirst 8.0 can help you to:

  • Radically simplify building, managing, and updating apps with a pre- integrated comprehensive set of mobile app services
  • Reduce the effort, skill, and time required to build apps (You can control your growing mobile backlog!)
  • Streamline the process for incremental app updates and cut release cycle times down from weeks to days with enhanced automation and new developer and IT self-service capabilities
  • Optimize speed, scalability, and costs, and add flexibility to your mobile infrastructure with more hybrid cloud deployment options
  • Complement your mobile strategy with multichannel API creation and management

What’s new in IBM MobileFirst 8.0?

Building apps The platform interface has been redesigned for greater flexibility and efficiency during app development.
APIs The new version has a load of new features for improving and extending the APIs that you can use to develop mobile applications.
Security The security framework is entirely redesigned with new security features and modifications.
OS support The new version includes support for Windows 10 Universal apps as well as Apple watch OS 2
Managing apps The new version comes loaded with features that enable you to update apps and adapters without restarting MobileFirst Server.
Server The server has been redesigned to help reduce the time and cost of deploying and updating apps.
Analytics The new version has a redesigned console with information presentation improvements and role-based access controls. The console is also now available in a number of languages.
Push notifications The new version has a push notification service as a stand-alone service hosted on a separate web application.

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