Data Driven Customer Engagement

Customer buying behavior drives revenue. If we take the “behavior” parameter even further, then customer satisfaction is the real ROI for business growth. For example, customers to a leading financial services website often dropped off during their journey—even before completing transactions. The company wanted to streamline the online experience in such a way that it helps them to deliver better service. A tool like IBM Tealeaf can best address the needs of businesses trying to understand the psyche of consumers.

Higher Conversions

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud (CX) is software as a service (SaaS)-based analytics solution for web and mobile applications. The Tealeaf CX platform uses customer experience management solutions to capture and manage visitor interactions on websites, both in cloud and on-premises environments. It focuses on customer involvement, action, and choices. With powerful capabilities to help identify customer pain points, Tealeaf helps businesses resolve roadblocks during customer journeys. It provides visibility and insight that drives conversion and customer retention objectives.

ibm tealeaf solutions

Tealeaf maximizes conversion rate by enabling you to:

Focus on each visitor’s actions per session with goal-based segmentation.

  • Have extensive data on customer interactions
  • Discover pain points that visitors often face in near real-time
  • Decide about scaling up your architecture

To take advantage of IBM Tealeaf in getting to know your customers better, you may avail this complimentary consultation from Royal Cyber.

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