Cross-Channel Visibility with SFCC Distributed Order Management: Are you there yet?

Cross-channel E-commerce is now becoming the need of businesses. Retailers want to engage and interact with customers across multi-channels i.e. web, mobile, social media and physical stores. And with this emerging trend, order management is now becoming a major pain area for businesses.

Customers are buying products from social sites, web stores and mobile applications. There are scenarios where customers purchase from websites and for certain reasons prefer to return it in the physical store. Many retailers are maintaining separate inventory for separate channels which throws a spanner in the works.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a comprehensive order management to provide an all-inclusive view of the products, inventory, promotions, orders, customers, returned and exchange items for all digital and physical channels. It shares the data related to the orders in real-time with B2C commerce.

Order Management Capabilities

Key features offered in Salesforce Commerce Cloud order management:

  • Inventory Management

  • Order Management

  • Store Fulfillment

  • Customer Service

  • Unified Order Data

Inventory Management

Real-time and accurate inventory is the defining factor in achieving better shopping experiences. SFCC inventory provides a view encompassing all the channels, whether it is placed in stores or warehouses. It provides a single view of the available stock for sale. As a result, all selling points have updated inventory irrespective of their channel. This also helps in avoiding the overselling of the products.

Order Management

Order management covers all the aspects from allocating items, fulfilling orders, returned and exchanged items. The retailers can accept orders from cross-channels like mobile, websites and stores. It also facilitates retailers in processing payments and invoices. With order management we can also design rules including preorder, split order and shipped order, this helps in evaluating the cost related to each order type and make orders cost effective.

Store Fulfillment

This enables in converting every store into a distribution point. It includes back-end logic to navigate orders to stores for fulfilling the order and an application for the stores employees to pick, pack and deliver orders placed online. Customers can place orders online and pick it up from a nearby store, adding flexibility to fulfillment choices customers can have.

Customer Care

Salesforce Commerce Cloud order management provides full access to inventory and orders placed across all channels to the customer care representatives. This helps them in having a full visual of returned orders, exchange requests, etc. As a result, they can brief the customer easily and effectively.

Unified Order Data

Unified order data provides a complete view of all the stages in the order process. Starting from the purchase to the pickup location and the delivery. This gives clarity to the retailers for each product from the process of the purchase to the customer delivery.

Looking for a Flawless Cross-Channel Experience? Royal Cyber can Help

Offering omni-channel is not an easy task for the merchants. The entire system needs to be well-connected and coordinated. With SFCC distributed order management capabilities Royal Cyber can facilitate in implementing unified order management mechanisms whether it be the customer's view, catalogs, inventories, products and orders from all the touchpoints, digital and physical. This single source of information is the basic parameter for achieving a unified commerce experience. As a result, brands can create strategies beyond individual seller points and fulfill customer expectations through their shopping experience.

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