commercetools Embraces Google Cloud Marketplace

Written by Nauman Sohail

Business Analyst

commercetools, a widely used system integrator and service provider, has publicly announced their availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace. The entire portfolio of commercetools’ implementation partners will now be able to benefit from better integration of services, better billing services, and a broader go-to-market relationship with the global customer base. In the past, commercetools has been claimed as a cloud vendor agnostic. However, commercetools realized the potential of Google Cloud as a platform that possesses the ability to meet most demands of its users. This is mainly due to the ability of Google Cloud to empower its customers by providing unique and engaging digital experiences.

How the Partnership Can Benefit Your Business?

commercetools is considered a leader when it comes to commerce solutions. On average, the expected order value increase by commercetools is around 40%. Now, with the availability of Google Cloud Marketplace, the site speed can be improved by over 70%. With all these major leaps, commercetools is becoming the world’s leading platform for business to consumer and business to business commerce for the next generation. commercetools embracing Google Cloud Marketplace means a smooth shopping experience through all the necessary touchpoints around the globe.

The major aspect that lead to commercetools' availability on Google Cloud Marketplace is its need to cater to customer portfolio. The digital user experience combined with commercetools will better engage customers by providing them with a unique commerce platform using Google Cloud Console and Marketplace. The CEOs of most companies realize this opportunity and claim that Google Cloud provides them a powerful insight that ultimately increases the overall value of their platform. The CEO of commercetools claims that the collaboration between commercetools and Google Cloud Marketplace will give their customers the best resources to customize their commerce applications. Not just that, the use of Google Cloud also cuts down almost 70% of the monthly costs incurred by the company by giving it the option of flexible plans - this means a lower infrastructure cost. The savings could be utilized by reinvesting the capital, thus increasing the cash input to the company.

This partnership amplifies not only the flexibility of the business but also its accessibility. The interested parties are now in a better position to run and scale the business on Google Cloud. The streamlined and straightforward procedure to purchase commercetools via the Google Cloud Marketplace also gives the company an edge over its competitors.Google Cloud enables commercetools to leverage the availability of industry-leading Machine Learning capabilities. By choosing Google Cloud, commercetools is actually focusing on creating and providing their users new features that can possibly lead to better ecommerce solutions and needs.

The Board of Directors at commercetools has expressed their hopefulness that the partnership could foster long-term benefits. To serve their customers with the best, commercetools considers this as an excellent opportunity to expand and make themselves accessible globally. All this means having a cutting edge over the others and providing their customers with world-class commerce and enterprise solutions. Google Cloud promises a bigger audience with a 300% increase in traffic and a 50% increase in API calls.

Royal Cyber and commercetools

Royal Cyber Inc. is an award-winning, globally recognized IT giant. We realize the importance of providing our customers with the latest digital experiences and staying ahead of their expectations.

We are a premium commercetools solutions partner and have commercetools Certified Developers and Certified Functional Architects. Built on the guiding principles of MACH - Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless Commerce, commercetools is a next-generation solution that is transforming the whole process of commerce. Want to know how to leverage our onshore and offshore managed services? Contact a certified commercetools expert to get started.

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