Getting Rid of Software Deployment Complexities with IBM UrbanCode

Businesses know the importance of automating application deployment in the current market dynamics. The benefits are numerous in terms of cost and effort. For example, when a leading Wall Street investment banker replaced its existing manual release processes for its trading application with IBM UrbanCode—an automated deployment solution—the results where immediate: release times that usually took 3 days were brought down to an hour or so! Such is the power of deployment capabilities of UrbanCode, which is part of the IBM DevOps solution.

By using a single application, the investment banker avoided additional expenditure of over $2.3 million per year. Even more than that, this application empowered the team of developers to determine and stick to release schedules. The test times were regularized, the overall product stability was assured, and the downtime was significantly reduced.

The finance company knew that staggered release of their trading application would send their customers to the competition. They needed to rollout their new application and its relevant modules in the fastest possible time while maintaining the highest quality. Implementing the DevOps solution helped the company to reduce the release time from 2-3 days to just 1-2 hours. Now that the deployment is automated, teams across the company began to work more closely than in silos towards meeting the development schedule. UrbanCode fitted well with the company’s existing systems architecture: it was flexible, scalable and indispensable. The company was able to define the applications, their components, and their requirements to fit within the deployment process as envisioned by the business need. On the business takeaways front, the company was realizing the benefits of app deployment automation:

  • Automating manual process was clearly showing its effect on the bottom line.
  • Using prebuilt integrations helped speed up the deployment process.
  • App deployment automation reduced errors in production and pre-production.

Using UrbanCode, businesses can enable continuous software delivery, customizing it to their business environment, and at the same time improve the quality and quantity of software releases. Transforming software delivery with flexible DevOps services is made possible with a range of IBM solutions. As an expert in this field, Royal Cyber provides a range of services in deployment processes that will bring down costs and add value to your business. To know more about our DevOps solutions, click here.

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