Turn Data into Insights Quickly with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

Shockingly, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day, and the pace of data growth is increasing. This explosion of data is growing day by day, so much in fact that traditional methods are no longer viable. For this reason, a growing number of firms are turning to IBM Cloud Pak. Cloud Pak helps enterprises turn data into insights through an integrated cloud-native architecture.

Data Analytics Challenges Enterprises Face Today

Here is a quick look at how Cloud Pak for Data solves and how data analytics is presently being completed.

Disparate Systems

Usually, a company buys, installs, and maintains software and hardware solutions from several providers. Enterprises use Oracle for its database, Cognos for reporting, SAP for ERP, and Informatica for ETL.

The challenge with this model is that the solutions aren’t unified. Scrutinizing through mountains of data to find pieces of information is limited when you are working with piecemeal solutions. Disparate systems put pressure on companies attempting to make rapid business decisions.

Self-serve Analytics

Undoubtedly, IT is a bottleneck and unable to provide all the information that each line of business wants. Data analysts spend a substantial amount of time finding and gaining access to the data needed for analytics, spending a majority of their time formulating the data instead of adding value.

From a Data-driven to an Insights-driven Enterprise

In the past decade, approximately three-quarters of Fortune 1000 companies have been replaced by data-driven enterprises. This change is one of the leading reasons that executives say they are launching AI and Big Data initiatives. And this is where IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data helps.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a unified platform that simplifies and unifies the organization and analysis of data. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is extensible, easily customized for client data and AI landscapes using an integrated catalog of IBM Cloud Pak.

The solution is built on the premise that is a unified modern data strategy necessary to achieve modern AI and analytics results:

  • Data fuels digital transformation

  • AI unlocks the value of data

  • Hybrid cloud democratizes data

Cloud Pak for Data is built on a mixture of OpenShift with RHEL by Red Hat. Cloud Pak for Data also allows you to access and deploy an ecosystem of more than forty-five analytics services and templates from IBM and other third parties.

The platform interface helps you speed up time to value with a single platform that integrates data governance, data management, and analysis for better efficiency and better use of resources.

Cloud Pak for Data is cloud agnostic, which means it does not necessarily reside in the IBM cloud. It can be inherent in Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or any Hybrid Cloud Solution. This versatility makes Cloud Pak an attractive solution for enterprises that have already heavily invested in a specific cloud host.

Silos, Nearly Eliminated

Cloud Pak for Data does not eliminate data silos but instead makes them virtually immaterial through data virtualization.

Data virtualization ties data silos together to make them seem like a single data set on a desktop. It also leverages servers where data sits by performing analytics queries, returning the results to the application. No data is copied and exists only at the source.

Data virtualization allows you to query across several data sources quickly without affecting your data. This action intensely cuts down the time taken to get access to needed information. And it is all done in a single platform that has data governance built around it.

Royal Cyber & IBM Cloud Pak

Royal Cyber is an IBM Partner available to support your deployment to Cloud Pak for Data to fast-track your journey to AI. Our services allow you to transform your business with an open, extensible platform that runs on any cloud. We'll help you keep pace with increasing data volumes and analyze your data to gain insights at the speed that your business requires. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

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