Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce: Which is the right one for you?

Today, CRM systems are not only for managing leads and tracking sales but also for ensuring service delivery, marketing, customer satisfaction, and business management. Most people spend time analyzing which CRM solution will deliver the most value to their organization. Their decision, in most cases, boils down to these two: Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce, the two top CRM systems in the market. Microsoft has a wide range of tools and applications that could be merged into the Dynamics CRM solution. When Dynamics CRM hit the market, Salesforce was still busy developing many its much-talked about power-packed features. Though both Dynamics and Salesforce have similar core CRM features, they do have some major differences. Here’s a snapshot of their differences:

Aspect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Salesforce
User Experience Modern, process-driven Traditional form-based
Language support 45 Languages
Available in 130 countries
16 Languages
Cloud & Onsite Installation Cloud: Yes
Onsite: Yes
Cloud: Yes
Onsite: No
Analytics Embedded insight and analytics through tailor-made charts and dashboards.
Embedded Excel capability and Power BI.
Analytics provided by Wave for a monthly subscription fee.
Integration with Office Suite Yes; Office 365 No
Mobile Compatible Android, iOS and Windows Phone Android, iOS and Windows Phone
User Range Unlimited Depends on the choice of package

Both these CRMs have inherent strengths that make them unbeatable in many of today’s complex business scenarios. However, your decision should be based on your enterprise’s requirement, business systems already in place, platform, integration requirement, and, of course, budget. Many organizations that have already invested in Microsoft products such as SharePoint and Outlook would find Dynamics CRM less of a hassle when it comes to leveraging its features and integrating them.

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