Placing Customer at the Heart of Business

When Microsoft made clear its intention to dominate the CRM market, not many were surprised. In fact, the CRM marketplace had already been prepped for a quick transformation owing to dragging hassles with data compilation and management. The arrival of Dynamics CRM with new power-packed features is a welcome change that is redefining the way businesses use data. This marks a new era in customer relationship management.

According to Kathleen Booth, CEO, Quintain Marketing, “CRMs will evolve from sales-oriented tools to truly integrated marketing and sales platforms.” How true was this prophecy! Over the years, there was a growing demand for CRMs to expand beyond their perceived role as a regular customer-centric data collection tool, to that of a platform that can provide intelligent solutions. The reason: businesses had to align their service goals to meet their customer needs. This was an imperative need to succeed. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s unified interface became an instant hit because it revolves around customer needs. Businesses can use it to manage all customer-facing activities at one go. In short, Dynamics CRM helps put customer service at the center of any business ecosystem. This tool also comes loaded with a slew of productivity applications and process management competencies—all of which can be leveraged to great effect with Dynamics CRM Online, Power BI and Office 365.

No more data silos

Dynamics CRM focusses on eliminating project data silos by converging all service capabilities. It reduces the need to change between applications, allowing marketers to focus on what is very vital – the customer. In more ways, this tool helps business to trail all connections and determine prospects from a centralized system. Access to updated data across multiple devices is a boon to marketers.

Data silos create data management fears. In most of the organizations, master data is independent in many departmental data systems, which rarely interact with each other. In a subtle attempt to solve the information silos issue, organizations have implemented single view solutions as supported by Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM is about breaking down silos, as it integrates all functions under one roof—sales, marketing and customer service.

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