Microsoft Dynamics AX – Smarter ERP for the Smarter Workplace

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products continue to play a vital role in enabling innovation and managing resources. The current business climate with all its competitiveness and dynamics has speeded up the adoption of ERP to such levels across industries and sectors that it has become impossible to ignore ERP’s disruptive influence. It is in this scenario that the role played by Microsoft Dynamics AX takes ERP to the next level.

The AX Advantage

Microsoft Dynamics AX demonstrates a new approach, a new experience that allows users to arrange, view, share and prioritize work. It comes with space share on Microsoft Azure cloud and can run on any device, with extended and enhanced ‘Lifecycle Services’.

The three major updates in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX relate to using the power of Microsoft Azure to create a cloud and mobile-first platform; providing a new user experience with a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)—which provides you with ease of use, maintenance, and resolution of repetitive hotfix installations; and enabling automatic updates, thanks to the Azure cloud services.

A dynamic, flexible powerhouse product

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a fully integrated and flexible business management solution that can adapt to different operational environments. The reasons why businesses choose Dynamics AX over other ERP products include:

  1. Speed up global expansion with flexible deployments: You can leverage the power and flexibility of Microsoft cloud to scale your operations globally.
  2. Grow at your pace: Lower cost and maintenance on cloud services help you to grow your business at your own pace.
  3. Increased speed of doing business: You can take proactive decisions based on intuitive data. You can be confident that your business management solution will continue to be at par with the needs of people and business.
  4. Drive business performance: You can have instant access to real time data and work smarter in all functional areas to drive business performance improvement for ERP solutions that are already in place.
  5. Turning data into actionable intelligence: Ability to monitor the pulse of your business with business insights and intelligence.
  6. Increased visibility: Gain increased visibility to organizational risks with a single view of all your business operations.
  7. Transform business faster: Easy-to-use and familiar tools give you access to information for proactive decision-making.
  8. Work smarter with connected operations: You can work across systems and processes with a single sign-on interface.
  9. Accelerate product introductions: It helps you to scale up your business systems and adapt new business processes easily.
  10. Deliver amazing customer experiences: The new and improved Dynamics AX is more visually appealing and user-friendly.
  11. Deliver seamless commerce and Omni channel excellence: Dynamics AX is flexible and customizable for any industry needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX will transform the future of business. It enables you to make quick, smart decisions; speed up your business processes; and generate growth.

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