Anticipate Client Needs and Deliver Measurable Results with Microsoft Dynamics AX Solutions

Professional services firms are challenged with selling an undefinable product that is difficult to measure. It can be extremely difficult to define and build systemic knowledge about the work they do. Despite the use of metrics, customer expectations and opinions can create questions on the effectiveness of certain professional services.

Regardless of the size and complexity, professional service industries face core challenges in running their business. Professional services firms face four key demands that are changing the way organizations operate:

  • Client expansion
  • A constantly changing workforce
  • Collaborative execution
  • Dexterity for adaptation

Other challenges include acquiring and fostering client relationships, locating and retaining quality staff members, delivering rewarding projects, and securing positive financial results across the organization.

To be profitable, projects must be estimated correctly and completed on time while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. To achieve this, companies need to adopt strategic and comprehensive financial, project and resource management practices. They can agree upon these practices with a supporting IT system that allows people to share data to work efficiently and make effective decisions. They require an adaptable and easy to use business system that couples with a low total cost of ownership.

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX to address challenges efficiently

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Professional Services industry solution with vertical specific capabilities offers increased profitability and matchless client service for firms that provide services.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a flexible and scalable ERP solution that can manage your entire business through a single integrated platform. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Professional Services is an industry specific version of Microsoft Dynamics AX that is designed specifically for professional services firms and other project-driven firms.

As one of the most comprehensive business systems available today, it offers strong support for managing all aspects of projects, and covers business development and all stages of project execution. It enables businesses to comprehensively manage projects, clients, resources, and finances with a single integrated system.

It also allows companies to balance people and project assignments across the organization while facilitating real-time collaboration. With advanced technology combined with best practices to deliver predictable outcomes, it enables faster and better data quality which allows smarter decision making, and facilitates automation to speed up project execution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also delivers unique client service benefits and allows professional service firms to manage professional capital, and expand project delivery while reducing risk.

A Case in Point: An integrated approach with Microsoft Dynamics AX Professional Services
An award winning project management firm aimed to provide concrete results and improvements for clients as their core business. To continue their track record of excellence in customer service and delivery, they performed a major overhaul of their own internal system. Their foremost concern was to find a single IT solution to meet their needs.
The firm was running a variety of systems to handle accounting, procurement, time and expense, project costing, and management reporting. Lack of integration amongst the systems was causing a multitude of issues within the organization. They were experiencing very slow processing of transactions and duplication of data entry, which led to data conflict from different sources, and ultimately wasted time trying to reconcile different data.
Royal Cyber’s Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants examined the client’s existing system and altered their technical approach by leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. The fully integrated solution yielded several concrete benefits. The business no longer needed to reconcile different systems and the single point of data entry provided significant efficiency gains. The information is available more quickly and readily to those who need to access it wherever they work. Dynamics AX has led to further improvements in project control and has allowed the company to quickly analyze key performance data and improve their decision making.

Comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics AX consulting services

Comprehensive ERP solutions for professional services can help you achieve your business goals by enabling your business to manage and control projects, tasks, and other activities, so that you can quickly respond to all customer needs and requests.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also provides off-the-shelf functionalities that can be customized to a wide range of professional service organizations such as consultancy, accounting, legal and auditing, architecture, engineering and construction, real estate, IT services, media and entertainment, and advertising and marketing.

Royal Cyber offers comprehensive consulting services to address functional areas including:

  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Financial management
  • Project billing
  • Resource allocation

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