Microservices Architecture: Definition, Advantages, and Usage


According to Google Trends, the Microservices architecture pattern is getting a lot more popular nowadays. It is spiking day by day. Quite a lot of big companies like Netflix, Amazon, and others have adopted it to scale and effortlessness in their continuous delivery of their services using this architectural style. It is no more a buzz word to ignore. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about what is this architecture, what are the advantages and how can it be useful for us.


Application modules are standalone applications in the Microservices architectural style. Each application can talk to other application using several available remote mechanisms.

A Microservices based application looks like the following,

Decentralization and granularity of Microservices applications are their core concept along with the decentralized data storage. If a developer follows the design appropriately, then he will not cross the line, and it will help in enforcing real modular application. The resultant product gives us benefits.


Following are core benefits,
  • It is hard to maintain and can be frustrating to work and get required results from a monolith architecture.
  • Multiple tools and technologies are available to develop and deploy Microservices applications quickly.
  • It is easy to adapt Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Like Amazon, Web Services are available to make our DevOps operations a lot easier.
  • Many technology giants are adopting the Microservices architecture for their products.
  • The modular, high performance and scalable application regarding development and deployment both are good for Internet of Things as well.


We can use Microservices architecture in following use cases,
  • Looking for Modularity and decentralization in the application.
  • The focus of the application is to cater high volume of transactions and traffic on the web.
  • When you have to fulfill the long term goals, it is essential to use Microservice architecture.
  • You have the right skills and people to design, develop and deploy this kind of application.
  • Committed to using cutting edge tools and technologies.

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