(Micro)Service Registration and Discovery with Eureka

Service registration and discovery is one of the fundamental concepts of building Microservice based environment; Eureka can be the perfect tool to serve this purpose. In simple words, we say that if a service needs to call another service, it first needs to find it running or not. There can be multiple reasons for service failure, for instance, network failure. Finding an occurrence of running service is not a difficult task anymore.

Eureka Details

This architecture comprises of two components, the Server, and the Clients.

The server itself is a standalone application and fulfilling given duties,

  • It manages the registry of Services instances
  • It provides the mechanism to register, de-register and send a query instances with the registry
  • Send registry to other Eureka Instances (both Clients and Servers)

The client is also the part of same system and my serve following duties,

  • Keep the constant connection with Eureka Server
  • Register and unregister a Service instance using Eureka Server
  • Retrieve and cache discovery information from the Eureka Server

High Availability

Eureka also supports High Availability. In other words, it prefers availability over consistency.

We can achieve it at two different levels,

  • Server Cluster – The production setup should contain a cluster of Eureka Servers
  • Client side Caching - Client cache the information retrieved from the server so that in case of all servers crashing client still have some information about the other services.

Graphical Web Interface

Eureka has a built-in web dashboard to monitor the status of the server.

Eureka Benefits

  • It is a dedicated service discovery solution
  • It also supports high availability
  • It is simple as well as robust
  • It is an open source solution so has no licensing required

Royal Cyber Role

We can provide you an end to end support in the implementation of Eureka server in your environment. We help you build a highly available environment in which the services are running without failure. We also can provide the longer run support of the cloud servers.

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