IBM Cloud Private on AWS

IBM cloud private is a vast growing private platform based on open source orchestrator Kubernetes managed services. IBM Cloud Private offers customers a way to adopt cloud at their own pace and in their preferred location generally in an on-premises data center. The growth of ICP is evident from the fact that the platform is being adopted by major customers consisting of the huge amount of data and applications hosted in their data centers. Customers are looking for nifty solutions in order to shift their workload to a public cloud and want to make their Cloud workload private by using ICP.

After the development of Multi-Cloud Manager by IBM, now ICP offers cloud computing with greater control, predictable cost and with automation on a public cloud like Amazon web services, etc. In order to achieve a better outcome with low cost and better efficiency, ICP can be deployed on AWS which provides the below-mentioned advantages which cannot be gained when running ICP On-Premise:

Benefits of ICP

  • Running On-Premise has adequate load balancing capabilities to check unhealthy VMs, but on AWS there are application and network load balancers. The network load balancers are efficient and handle millions of requests per second while application load balancers also check for unhealthy containers within instances.
  • For scaling of resources with respect to maximum utilization of machines, we can scale resources within minutes on AWS with pre-configuration on instances, to give customers reliability and availability of resources with the controlled cost.
  • As ICP is a platform with better security. AWS is also providing an additional layer of security by using VPC, private/public subnets, Network access control lists and internet gateways to protect and separate both production and pre-production environments within different networks.
  • By using Identity and access management, we can assign users, groups and policies in order to access particular working or master nodes within ICP environment on AWS respectively.
  • For High availability, we can design workload on different availability zones within the same region and to apply cross-region availability we need to design and implement a multicluster approach on ICP.

With respect to the above mentioned key features of ICP on AWS, we can design and deploy efficient & high available infrastructure on AWS. Moreover, by the rapid development in cloud platforms, we can also use and deploy the latest features such as IOT, Machine learning and big data to enhance your infrastructure.

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