Hidden cost of Serverless Application Framework on AWS

Serverless architecture is the future of compute power. It not only helps to reduce management & functional cost but also eliminates the need of manual triggering. Ultimately the transition to serverless architecture can offer huge potential in terms of cost & time saving. The reasons for using Serverless are clear.

Organizations will save time

  • No more provisioning, managing or thinking about applications to scale up or down.
  • No need to manage any servers or infrastructures, practically 0% management overhead.
  • Can spend more time in further innovation.

You can save money

  • In a serverless world where you pay-per-trigger. You don’t need to write scripts or plan reservations.
  • Just pay what you use.

The hidden cost

Serverless can’t run without receiving instructions from some direction. Also, during execution, two-way communication is vital to report progress. This will add to the cost which you should keep into consideration while designing serverless platforms for your businesses.

  • API Requests: Since various Serverless apps are heavy on API calls, this can get quite expensive at roughly $3.50 per 1M executions.
  • Networking: If you’re sending lots of data out, you need to carefully review this category. Over-all, network costs are generally the hardest costs to track down.
  • While it might be advisable to consider the various free tiers across providers, most of these free tiers do not discuss those “hidden” costs — networking, API requests, and storage.

Explore all the Serverless providers

There is many alternative offerings, each one has their own exclusive pricing advantages.

Go Serverless with Royal Cyber’s AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services Serverless is a tool-kit for deploying and operating Amazon Web Services serverless architectures. Focus on your application, not your AWS infrastructure.

Ultimately, the transition to AWS Serverless architecture offers huge potential in terms of cost and time saving. Royal Cyber can help elude any surprises and analyze potential costs before diving into Amazon Web Services Serverless. For more information on AWS Serverless architecture you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

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