AWS Migration Hub and Racemi DynaCenter

AWS Migration Hub provides a single location to track the progress of application migrations across multiple AWS and partner solutions. It allows you to choose the AWS and partner migration tools that best fit your needs, while providing visibility into the status of migrations across your applications portfolio. AWS Migration Hub assists IT professionals who are responsible for managing critical cloud transformation projects and migrating existing on-premises applications to AWS. Racemi is one of the first APN Technology Partners integrated with the AWS Migration Hub because of its deep experience migrating enterprise customer to AWS using their automated cloud migration technology.

Racemi, a leading provider of cloud migration technology and services is one of the first AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partners in the AWS Migration Hub.

Racemi offers an integrated view of the status and progress of application migrations through the integration of DynaCenter and the AWS Migration Hub. AWS customers can enjoy the benefits of unified visibility when they use DynaCenter's secure, scalable and rapid migration technology. Racemi helps organizations rapidly migrate workloads to the cloud by providing a technology-driven approach to discovery, migration and workload optimization. As a result, Racemi's partners and customers are able to deliver faster results, accelerating cloud ROI.

Big companies often have large numbers of legacy applications, and moving them to the public cloud can be a challenge. Making migrations easier is key to AWS’ success, since it’s competing for enterprise customers with heavy hitters like Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

The Migration Hub also supports third-party migration services from members of the Amazon Partner Network. CloudEndure and Racemi are the first companies with tools integrated directly into Migration Hub, with more coming in the future.

Benefits of AWS Migration Hub

Centralized Tracking

Migrations involve many components that need to be tracked such as the status of servers or databases being migrated, and these are typically tracked across different tools. AWS Migration Hub helps address this by providing a central location to track the status of all these components, making it easier to view overall migration progress and reducing the time spent determining current status and next steps.

Migration Flexibility

AWS Migration Hub provides the flexibility to use the migration tools that work best for your organization. Whether you use AWS migration tools like AWS Server Migration Service, AWS Database Migration Service, or partner tools like CloudEndure and Racemi, Migration Hub makes it easy for you to track migrations from all of those tools.

Improved Visibility

AWS Migration Hub helps plan your migrations by allowing you to group related servers and resources that should be migrated together. Once grouped into a single application, you can easily track the progress of these resources through their entire migration lifecycle to help ensure they all migrate successfully.

Racemi DynaCenter Benefits

Application and Data Security
  • Data goes directly from your datacenter to your Amazon VPC
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • Firewall friendly outbound HTTPS communication
  • Identity federation and security delegation using AWS Security Token Service
  • Support for isolated server environments (dedicated instances)


Designed for Amazon Web Services
  • Available in the Amazon Marketplace with support for integrated billing
  • Migration support for multi-tenant and dedicated environments
  • Support for Bring Your Own License (BYOL)
  • Direct migrations into Amazon with support for 14 regions and GovCloud


Efficiency & Scale
  • Live capture of server workloads, no downtime
  • Hybrid file/block synchronization for optimal data transmission
  • Environment checks to identify potential issues before they impact migrations
  • CPU, memory and network sensitive - no disruptions to your current business operations

Services and Tools Supported with AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub works with AWS services and popular third party tools given below: AWS Server Migration Service

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is an agentless service which makes it easier and faster for you to migrate thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS. AWS SMS allows you to automate, schedule, and track incremental replications of live server volumes, making it easier for you to coordinate large-scale server migrations.

AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database. The AWS Database Migration Service can migrate your data to and from most widely used commercial and open-source databases.

The service supports homogenous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora or Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL. It also allows you to stream data to Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3 from any of the supported sources including Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SAP ASE, SQL Server and MongoDB, enabling consolidation and easy analysis of data in the petabyte-scale data warehouse. AWS Database Migration Service can also be used for continuous data replication with high-availability.

Racemi DynaCenter

Racemi's DynaCenter captures a live server image and deploys this image to AWS, fully optimized for performance in the cloud. Customers looking to scale rapidly have the option of creating Custom Transformations, a feature that enables the automated deployment of additional software and/or custom configurations across multiple AWS server environments. This repeatable target configuration allows organizations to accelerate cloud adoption while minimizing the risks associated with manual migrations. Unlike SaaS tools, DynaCenter is firewall friendly and is installed directly into your VPC, so that you maintain visibility and control of your data throughout the project.

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