Accelerate IT Ops productivity with Server Automation on Cloud

The business operations need to automate as many tasks as possible from time to time to keep focus on business growth. Automation helps managing complex environments possible and organizations can have fast & flexible services. Whether your implementation is private, public or hybrid cloud, you will always have an advantage with cloud server automation tools.

Automated Server Management

The Automation feature in Amazon Web Services EC2 Systems Manager streamlines deployment tasks and common maintenance. We, at Royal Cyber heavily use EC2 Systems Manager to help customers automatically collect software record, apply OS patches, create server images, and configure Windows and Linux operating systems.

EC2 Systems Manager Server Compliance

AWS EC2 Systems Manager makes it easier for the company to effortlessly bridge the present infrastructure with AWS. Hybrid Cloud Systems can be managed with EC2 Systems Manager as companies can manage systems running on AWS and on-premises datacenter through a single interface. Tasks can be configured to run automatically based either on the results of software activity or events registered by Amazon CloudWatch.

EC2 Systems Manager understands and controls the current state of the servers and OS configurations. The software configuration and inventory information can be collected about the fleet of servers and the software installed on them. Complete track on detailed system configuration, OS patch levels, application configurations, and other details about the deployments are maintained.

EC2 Systems Manager keeps the servers compliant with defined configuration policies. Companies can define patch baselines, maintain up-to-date anti-virus definitions, and enforce firewall policies. With EC2 Systems Manager, software compliance is maintained, and security posture is improved.

EC2 Systems Manager reduces the costs by providing easy to use automated tools for tracking, updating and maintaining software and OS configurations. With EC2 Systems Manager, Servers which are compliant can be automatically maintained, so companies don’t waste time on any manual updates, or add risk associated with non-compliant servers.

EC2 Systems Manager improves your security stance in number of ways. With the integration of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), granular permissions can be applied to control the actions users perform. All activities taken by EC2 Systems Manager are logged by AWS CloudTrail, letting to audit changes throughout the company’s environment.

Royal Cyber & AWS

Royal Cyber’s partnership with AWS provides the best in class server automation and delivers an industry-leading solution for automated management, and implementation of server configuration changes in the data center and the cloud.

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