The Rise of Cloud-Based BPM

Business process management is vital to any customer-centric business. Having in place a proven BPM methodology and platform defines the most efficient course of action for any organization to pursue. However, organizations do face a huge challenge: restricted IT budget to support digital process transformation. For such organizations, IBM BPM on Cloud presents a viable alternative. Cloud computing and BPM are fundamental to any business According to Forrester, the size of cloud computing market will grow from $40.7 billion in 2011 to more than $241 billion by 2020, with a year-on-year growth of over 20 percent. As cloud technologies redefine operational efficiencies, businesses focus on the speed of realizing their business value. By taking advantage of readily available environments and virtual services, businesses can significantly speed up their operations. IBM BPM is a comprehensive cloud platform that provides you with insights and visibility to manage business processes. BPM on Cloud can easily incorporate cognitive capabilities in a focused way. Cloud-based technologies help businesses to reduce their reliance on IT teams. BPM on Cloud adds value to enterprises by offering a flexible, rapidly scalable process management solution. It fosters a rich association with process participants and subject matter experts, bringing in advantages such as:
  1. Collaboration
  2. Scalability
  3. Mitigation of risk from silos
  4. Cost benefits
  5. Elasticity
  6. Focus on core business
As customer demands become more challenging, businesses must be well-prepared with agile processes and technologies to cater to dynamic requirements. According to a Gartner research, about 40% of organizations with BPM use cloud computing to support at least 10% of BPM processes. From conception to production: 3x faster A leading technology company manages thousands of IT assets for its clients worldwide. For superior IT infrastructure delivery, the company wanted constant, repeatable processes in place. This enabled the company to conduct compliance health check runs on a client hosted application run each time a security issue would arise. BPM on Cloud empowered the team to swiftly run health checks to keep track of the process until the client’s application is all secured and compliant. Although financial constraints continue to haunt businesses that vie for complete digital process transformation, there is hope in the form of IBM Smarter Process SaaS, which also includes IBM BPM on Cloud. Cloud may be a nascent model, but it offers clear cut advantages for the enterprise in the BPM platform. Global collaboration becomes a reality with cloud-based BPM. BPM on Cloud offers quite a few opportunities for enterprises to drive operational efficiency and profitability by leveraging BPM’s cloud SaaS model. BPM on Cloud will help organizations take a leap forward in achieving success in governance, collaboration and reuse of assets. To find out how BPM on Cloud will transform your organization, contact us for an obligation free quote.

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