Improve Data Governance & Regulatory Compliance with Automated Data Lineage

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Data lineage helps with chalking out a framework for a successful data-driven decision-making process. Such processes hold power to flow and transform the data as it moves from the source to destination, panned across the data lifecycle. With the change in data governance trends, many organizations want to invest in data lineage to provide information that surrounds the data. It also ensures that the data is trustworthy as it helps leverage an organization and drive business decisions.

In addition to making better business decisions, data governance professionals opine that data lineage has become an integral part of deciphering information. It provides full context on data required for streamlining various functions and processes in an organization.

In this blog, Royal Cyber professionals have carefully curated a list of benefits and key improvements areas for compliance. Read ahead!

Why is Data Lineage Important?

Data lineage holds greater importance as it ensures that an organization's data is trustworthy and error-free. It provides accurate information of data that helps in making important decisions.

Data lineage also helps the professionals to analyze business situations and curate better strategies while discarding incomplete information. Besides, it helps IT teams and departments to automate data lineage.

Professionals say data lineage automation, done through spreadsheets, offers many advantages such as less strategic time and fewer follow-ups. It also increases the visibility of data as it increases the accuracy.

Benefits of Data Lineage

Data lineage offers multiple benefits that directly impact the business as a whole entity. Here is a list of some of the benefits:

Difference Between Technical Lineage & Business Lineage

Data lineage can be divided into two categories - technical lineage and business lineage.

Difference Technical Lineage Business Lineage
Overview Interactive overview helps in transformations. Interactive map traces data flows – source to report.
Data as an asset Forms into tables, levels, and columns that go through data pipelines. Ensures data is from a reliable source.
Professional approach Helpful for data architects and IT teams. Tool for business analysts.

To better understand the process, here is a diagram that outlines data lineage.

Compliance Improvement with Data Lineage

Data is becoming a critical business asset to evaluate compliance, regulatory requirement, information management, and more. It has become an indispensable part of organizations' worldwide as it gets used in every department of an organization. For organizations to be data-driven, they need to quickly identify, understand, and have confidence in their data assets.

Data lineage can help organizations and IT users transform the organization's foundation to drive data assets. It is important to understand an organization's landscape. It is essential to add to data information and context to build onto a scalable landscape.

The right platform can help provide the additional context needed to use data for apt and accurate purposes. When it comes to compliance, data lineage helps organizations comply with regulations more easily. It saves time and cost, in the longer run, to focus on innovation, fewer mistakes, and increase brand identity.

Collibra for Data Lineage

Collibra data lineage helps how data transforms through lifecycle across interactions with applications, APIs, and systems.

With Collibra, you can automatically map data to show how it flows from system to system. It also helps build data sets that can be sourced and used to provide lineage visualization.

In all, data lineage holds greater importance as it ensures that an organization's data is trustworthy and error-free. It provides accurate information of data that helps in making important decisions. It has become an integral part for organizations to decipher information as it provides full context on data required for streamlining various functions and processes in an organization. For more information on data lineage, reach us at [email protected].

Collibra - One Platform, Many Possibilities

  • Regulatory Compliance: Non-compliance cost can be double the cost of compliance. Stay updated with the latest regulatory compliance requirement to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Boost Data Lake: Overcome reliability challenges, scale, streamline, and batch data processing. With one platform, get boundless possibilities to discover, understand, and trust access data in the data lake.
  • Streamline Reporting Process: Hold the power to drive decisions with strategic reports. Centralize and govern report metrics to witness an increase in savings.
  • Automate Governance: Respond to regulatory requirements to scale the centralized and automated data privacy workflows that support global regulations.
  • Reduce Cost: Identify duplicate data and reduce the cost to minimize data spend. Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors through a personalized customer experience that results in improved efficiency.

How Royal Cyber Can Help You?

From implementation, customizations to management, we offer one-stop solutions for data governance. Our Collibra professionals are the subject matter experts who can help you drive success and accelerate growth that will unleash limitless potential.

  • Strategic Data Management Approach with Collibra's Data Stewardship
  • Expert Enablement of Features (Business Glossary, Catalog, Help Desk, Policy Manager, and more)
  • Successful Development, Management, and Customizations of Workflows
  • Streamlined Implementation of License Management
  • No Errors, 24/7 Back-up, and Restoration
  • Collibra Web Interface and Web Application Components Check, using JAVA API, REST API, Snapshots, Query API, BPMN 2.0 Workflow Engine, Data Quality Connector

Royal Cyber experts can also help you provide a comprehensive view of ensuring data quality and consistency that guarantees better decision-making strategies. We provide continued existence through risk management and optimization with our established rules of data use and compliance requirements that increase data value. What more? Our operation models help you to control the workflow better with less effort that provides flexibility and scalability. For further details on the services, contact us.

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