Data Governance: How to Choose the Right Tool?

Written by Devyaani

Technical Content Writer

Data is what drives the organizations towards growth and digital transformation. It should get entirely governed to convert it into an asset. With the change in time, the data dynamics have changed as well. With the shift in trend, there was a need to take up data governance. In the past, data governance got incorporated to meet the legal requirements and compliance standards. Now, it has become a foundation for organizations to work smoothly and avoid non-compliance costs. Data governance helps an organization build a strong framework that comprises policies, processes, business glossaries, definitions, and other assets. All these are needed to achieve business goals, expand on opportunities, and overcome challenges. The framework helps organizations aim for higher data quality, better analytics, improved decision-making, and better coordination. All in all, these factors also contribute to generating higher revenue.

How Can Data Governance Benefit You?

  • Protection Against Cyberattacks

  • Reduces Data Management Cost

  • Increases ROI of Data Analytics

  • Protection Against Security Breaches

  • Easier to Maintain Compliance Standards

  • Promotion of Data Value

Data governance should run through all levels of an organization as it helps in change management. However, to generate an impact on opportunities and business growth, it is important to work on a tool to witness true potential.

How to Look for the Right Data Governance Tool for My Organization?

Look for a tool that is flexible and reliable. It should fit your organization’s needs and requirements. Data governance experts can help you plan, implement and run the tool. Before you start, there are some questions you should address:

  • What data governance use case to implement?

  • How to collect underlying data systems?

  • How important is data lineage?

  • How to build the trust of current or prospective customers who search and trust their personal data?

  • How to follow up with the data governance process?

  • How to make your customers trust your brand value?

A reliable tool with the help of data governance experts can help you build a flexible model that answers and adheres to the business requirements. Book a consultation with a Royal Cyber data governance expert.

Turn Data into Actionable Assets & Insights

Even though data holds power to change an entire enterprise, it also presents a challenge. With Collibra, you can track trusted insightful information. With Collibra as a tool, businesses can define their customers, accelerate trusted business outcomes, connect meaningful data, algorithms, and insights. It enables data to get used as a strategic asset that accelerates the tasks and business growth.

One Tool, Many Possibilities

Streamline Implementation

  • Implementation of Enterprise-Level Governance: Our experts support effective data management to ensure that the organizational data complies with the global regulatory standards for enterprise-level governance.
  • Process and Controls: Our experts ensure that the implementation runs on streamlined processes and controls that support effective data management for better compliance.
  • Regular Quality Analysis: Our experts run regular quality checks and identify measures that help in necessary implementation to ensure better data quality, regular updates, and improvements.
  • Enhanced Metadata Analysis: Our experts perform a detailed metadata analysis for improved data efficiency to help your organization strengthen process delivery.

Our Expertise

From implementation, customizations to management, we offer one-stop solutions for data governance. Our Collibra professionals are the subject matter experts who can help you drive success and accelerate growth that will unleash limitless potential.

  • Strategic Data Management Approach with Collibra’s Data Stewardship

  • Streamlined Implementation of License Management

  • Successful Development, Management, and Customizations of Workflows

  • Collibra Web Interface and Web Application Components Check, using JAVA API, REST API, Snapshots, Query API, BPMN 2.0 Workflow Engine, Data Quality Connector

  • Expert Enablement of Features (Business Glossary, Catalog, Help Desk, Policy Manager, and more)

  • No Errors, 24/7 Back-up, and Restoration

Royal Cyber experts can also help you assist with a comprehensive view to ensuring data quality and consistency that guarantees better decision-making strategies. We provide continued existence through risk management and optimization with our established rules of data use and compliance requirements that increase data value. What more? Our operation models help you to control the workflow better with less effort that provides flexibility and scalability. For further details on the services, contact us.

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