Watson Powered Hybrid AI ChatBot & Tone Analysis

Let me jump start by sharing some statistics on ChatBots to highlight why this product needs a serious consideration and by delaying having this on your side, you are not just interrupting your piece of mind but of your customers as well!

Various outlets put the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for ChatBots at between 24.3% (Business Insider) and 37% (Orbis) for the coming years in revenue terms. MarketsandMarkets predict growth from $703 million in 2016 to $3,172 million by 2021, for a 35.2% growth rate.

Analyst firm Forrester describes

“Chatbot growth as crazy. Bots are easier to develop than apps, and they’re a way to reach consumers where they spend the majority of their time.”

Another big IT analyst firm Gartner says that 55% of companies will have a chatbot in operation by the year 2020, with bots operating as a key component across business and at home for families.


AI Chatbot is not a new concept, it has been gaining a lot of recognition thanks to its success with CSR related activities in various industries. And the fact that ChatBots can be integrated with all popular social platform, it is plain advantage that is easily accessible.
Thriving with a chatbot use these guidelines:

  1. Is this the right chatbot for your platform?
  2. How easy it will be to implement?
  3. What use cases will it cover?
  4. How easy is it to train (cognitive/manual) and maintain?

While the customers are trying to find the answers, vendors have been busy applying their ChatBots and learning from the mistakes. And honestly, there were many mistakes and a big learning curve. We at Royal Cyber took advantage of this phase as well and the recent iteration of our chatbot solution ticks all the right boxes (we will be showcasing it during IBM Think 2018).


Royal Cyber's chatbot solution "AIagentBot" is a unique program which focuses on

Watson Powered Hybrid AI ChatBot & Tone Analysis

Custom AI

Custom train for your set-ups without the need of any complex models.
Watson Powered Hybrid AI ChatBot & Tone Analysis

AI + Agent

Hybrid solutions that work together with support agents.
Watson Powered Hybrid AI ChatBot & Tone Analysis


Improve bot communication and measurement of customer engagement.
Watson Powered Hybrid AI ChatBot & Tone Analysis

Emotion Recognition

Accurately understands the mental state of people.
Watson Powered Hybrid AI ChatBot & Tone Analysis

Omni-Channel Integration

Host your bot on multiple multiple channels.

Hybrid brings features such as:

  • Allows customers to only use their social messenger to search, browse, shop and check status of previous orders (customers do not even visit the site). Chatbot can also send out alerts, notification etc. via the social messenger.
  • Understands the tone (both text and voice) of the customer and is capable of acting accordingly or flagging it to correct individual/team, so that the right action can be taken.
  • Collects user behavior/analytics which can be instrumental is further improving the customer experience and execute the right plans.
  • Can automatically sense when to connect the customer with a live person etc.
  • Is self-learning and comes pre-loaded with all major eCommerce use cases.

A short video covering various user scenarios is shown as below:



Shopping is growing and customers now want to acquire more in even lesser time. In order to be in the running, you need to acknowledge those demand. If people don’t like your brand, they will switch to another one in a second.

Providing a network to the customers where they can interact using text or voice, do not have to wait in long queues, do not have to worry about calling only between certain time frames and will not be put on hold during the call etc. is revolutionizing the online shopping experience. 

  • Most people who uses messenger is willing to talk to a chatbot.
  • A chatbot provides better user experience than chatting with a human.
  • A chatbot will escalate your operations, available 24x7.
  • A chatbot will be able sell much more products
  • A chatbot can provide people discount codes and coupons.
  • A chatbot can up-sell and cross-sell.
  • A chatbot can help accelerate the buying process.
  • A chatbot will handle 90% of the customer support!


Chatbot is becoming a necessity your business needs and the question no longer is "IF" you will get it but "WHEN"...

The sooner you take advantage of it, the more your business will grow. We have demo available for you, all you have to do is email us at [email protected] or visit https://www.royalcyber.com.

Source: https://www.aiagentbot.com/blog/watson-powered-hybrid-ai-chatbot-tone-analysis-a-happy-customer/

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