Implement MLOps to Improve Model Productivity

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Even though DevOps is an established practice, professionals felt the need to combine the platform with the upcoming field of machine learning and its operations for various reasons. To start with, MLOps helps with the automation of the model process and speeds development. It also helps with quality control, model governance, training, and drift monitoring.

According to industry experts, the upcoming field has double the amount of operations compared to the traditional practices. One of the most advantageous operations of the MLOps is the ML pipelining into a single platform. Experts also opine that MLOps is slowly turning to a different approach for ML lifecycle management. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics to learn how to implement MLOps. Read ahead!

What is MLOps?

According to Gartner, the MLOps field is a subset of the ModelOps. It is focused on automation to help improve the production quality of models. It also focuses on the entire lifecycle, from integration to model generation, orchestration to deployment, diagnostics, and health.

It is a set of processes underpinning technology practices that help scale and govern means for automation and deployment. It is also a combination of trusted and managed ML applications that are in the production environment.

Advantages of MLOps

With the change in technology and advancement, machine learning models need to extract value. Value can be mapped by monitoring performance as well as accuracy to reduce business risks. Furthermore, it is essential to manage production machine learning to achieve it. Besides value evaluation, MLOps has a lot to offer.

Some of the advantages of MLOps are:

  • Compliance for machine learning environment

  • Quality improvement of deployed models

  • Volume scaling of production AI with automation

  • Reduction in production gap

  • Maintenance deployed models

The MLOps brings business to the front lines of ML operations. It helps data scientists to map clear directions and mapped benchmarks that can be measured. It solves both the challenges of scalability and value addition in terms of mappable assets.

Should Organizations Adopt MLOps?

Data has no meaning if it cannot be translated efficiently. The MLOps is the answer to effortless and efficient deployment of models that can help you get data insights quickly as it helps turn the data into tangible assets.

Besides bringing business value in data, MLOps also helps data scientists and industry professionals showcase consistent results to ensure the maintenance and end-to-end pipeline.

The most important advantage of MLOps is the automation process that ensures routine monitoring and maintenance.

How to Implement MLOps?

There are many best practices to implement MLOps. However, the best MLOps systems are those that get continuously monitored and tested. They are also collaborative and reproducible. Royal Cyber expert recommend the implementation in 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Preparation

  • Understand the Scope of Use Case
  • Streamline AI
  • Validate & Deploy Steps Analysis
  • Streamline CI/CD Processes & Tools
  • Spring Review

Phase 2 – Validation & Deployment

  • Set-up Model Validation
  • Generate Validation Report
  • Validate Quality, Bias for Selective & Sensitive Metric in Pre-Pod

Phase 3 – Management & Monitor

  • Configuration of Ongoing Bias/Fairness/Quality Monitoring against Selected Metric & Sensitive Attribute
  • Configuration of Local Explain
  • Readouts

The ML operations automates, tests, and validates the processes to develop a system that is managed in a dynamic environment. The whole process helps with easy integration, compliance, risk reduction, data efficiency, and other related factor.

Improve Model Productivity

The deployment of ML applications is different to traditional applications. Hence, the need for an efficient and reliable application that supports infrastructures sprung up.

Platforms such as Kubeflow provide end-to-end lifecycle management for ML applications. MLOps platforms help with pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, neural networks, automation, data mining, among other processes.

It is essential to choose the right platform that helps recognize the metrics and value of the models to improve the performance. Metrics can be measured as follows:

  • Performance Evaluation: This type of evaluation helps to detect concept shifts that are in the data.
  • Operation Evaluation: It helps in measuring how deployed models are performing.
  • Stability Metrics: Such metrics helps to detect data distribution shifts. It is either covariate shift or prior probability shift.

The MLOps deployment is based on advantageous key MLOps principles around tracking, reliability monitoring, and automation. With notable metrics, it is easier to scale the level of an organization’s MLOps journey.

Achieve MLOps with Kubeflow

Kuberflow is a dedicated platform for deployments of ML workflows. It helps to achieve scalable and portable goals in the form of ML open-source systems to diverse infrastructures. Our experts can help leverage your organization’s CI/CD pipeline journey to automate machine learning model deployment to help discover machine learning pipelines in production. Our MLOps experts can also assist with the seamless set-up of the dashboard to monitor model efficiency. Besides it, we also set up automated drift detection and reporting patterns. Lastly, our experts can set up an automated pipeline for model retraining.

The MLOps holds the potential to change the way we understand and use the data in an organization. It focuses on scalability and greater collaboration for machine learning models to be production and deployment-ready. The MLOps helps the organizations to fully capitalize on automation and maintenance of models as it opens the communication channels between professionals involved in machine learning technology.

The industry experts rightly predict that MLOps is the future. With better automation and smoother deployment, organizations are bound to grow. For more information on MLOps contact visit or write to us at [email protected]

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