AIagentBot 2020 and Beyond

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

Are you equipped enough to promptly and accurately respond to customer queries? Chatbots, with less human dependency and Artificial Intelligence at their aid, is the perfect solution. AIagentBot by Royal Cyber empowers an organization 24/7, to satisfy the customer perceptive through chat, acoustic, SMS, phone, and other channels. This article is communicating the aspects and reasons why a business should opt for AIagentBot and what makes AIagentBot one of the best solutions available in the market.

Communication Medium

There are various types of chatbots in the market, and their general features would include:

  • Work through a button click and available to communicate via typing/chatting.
  • Switch to live chat with humans.
  • Use voice, often via a mobile phone.

AIagentBot favors all the modes of communication, helping you and your customers find each other either by voice or by text.

AIagentBot continues to look out for customers who are struggling on the site and provides a solution promptly. And if a customer reaches the customer care via chat or call, AIagentBot responds immediately, and the customer can chat as if to a human and will not realize it is a bot. If it finds a customer is demanding something not answerable, it directs the communication to a human representative without a glitch.


Chatbots and their platforms are omnipresent and can be integrated or implemented in your business. They help to leverage the ideas of traditional communication platforms.

  • Website: Customer representative through desktop and mobile websites.
  • SMS: Sending the text using Mobile phone.
  • Social networks: Using the messengers on different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Communication networks: Communicate through Slack, Kik, Twitter, Skype, IMO, Twilio, Mailchimp, and Telegram.
  • Ecommerce platforms: Systems works on or integrate into an e-commerce platform.

AIagentBot supports multi-channel integration. It enables seamless customer experience, provides speed, and delivers accuracy of interaction with the business. It also helps businesses to save money and increase efficiency. Organizations can get support for single or any combination of channels available.


A multilingual chatbot supports multiple languages during a live chat. Multilingual support is necessary for all online stores having global. As conversing with the customers in their preferred language can increase their interest and loyalty toward the service.

AIagentBot can support multiple languages from all around the globe. And thereby helps to:

  • Widen the geographical boundary for the customers.
  • Provide a personalized customer experience.
  • Enhance the customer base.
  • Improve business ROI.
  • Provide the solution in the native language to make customers satisfied and comfortable.


It is very important to protect the shared data on the internet from unauthorized access. Security risks can be a threat or vulnerability. The threat includes malware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by creating a flood of internet traffic. Targeted attacks can result in the lockout of the system, and some hackers can threaten to expose customer data. Vulnerabilities are cracks in the system, typically occur due to weak coding, inadequate safeguards, or user error.

AIagentBot uses a few approaches of chatbot technology to resist threats and vulnerabilities:

  • Encryption: prevents anyone other than the sender and receiver of data from seeing any part of the message.
  • Authentication and authorization: verify user identity and grants permission to a user to access a portal or carry out a particular task.
  • Processes and protocols: protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Cognitive Services

The cognitive system is a system that learns at scale, reasons with purpose, and interacts with humans naturally.

When encountering the cognitive system, we witness human-like behavior. These systems use Natural Language Processing, Machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and reasoning to exhibit human-like behavior. Chatbots through cognitive services, analyze the situation, and provide the results based on their knowledge. They also study from their experiences for a more precise response, in case if a similar issue arises in the future.

AIagentBot understands input to find information, analyzes through Natural Language Processing and Trained Model, checks the datasets, inspects the long-term and short-term memories, predicts and prepares the suggestions and dynamically generates the conversation flow, and provides the output to internal systems thereby sending the response to the channel of user choice. It keeps updating the datasets through self-learning from new scenarios.

Industry Specific

Chatbots automate the business processes of various industries. They are implemented in multiple business verticals to deliver excellent customer service and improve customer experience. Chatbots are changing the way industries interact with their customers.

AIagentBot is versatile, and it can be implemented for any industry to support the customers. Some of the use cases it works for:

  • Customer Service – Specially designed for online stores.

  • Healthcare & Medical – Patients can have hospital and pharmacy services. Assists medical professionals to get the patient information and history.

  • Booking & Real Estate – Helps in booking hotels, restaurants, airplane tickets, and selling/buying/renting for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

  • Networking, Legal & H.R. – Particularly works for companies serving recruitment, legal paperwork, and networking.

  • News, Education & Entertainment – Notifies about news, recommend top stories to read.

  • Gaming & Streaming – Video game live stream booster.

It helps and engages customers instead of scripted responses based on specific text input; it detects user intention and acts accordingly.

Tone Recognition

Customer choices are usually based on emotions. Emotion analysis is a process working frontline in many chatbots, particularly in customer service. It is a layer in the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine which interprets inputs from the users and converts into structured language that system can process. It allows the chatbot to understand the mood of the customer by analyzing sentence structures.

AIagentBot can recognize the tone of the customer and act aptly. When the customer speaks, webpages listens and converts it to text. AIagentBot analyzes the tone to evaluate the emotional state of the customer, and actions are taken accordingly. In case of an angry customer, if policy advises, the call will be directed to a customer care representative who is trained to interact with an angry or a sad customer.

Integrating Royal Cyber AIagentBot is an excellent idea that would help your business grow. AIagentBot streamlines interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience. At the same time, it offers companies new opportunities to improve the customer engagement process and operational efficiency by decreasing the typical cost of customer service.

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